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From Paradise to Medieval Times

When you visit Myrtle Beach with your family, there are multitudes of choices on where to eat dinner. Literally thousands of restaurants are available to you. But there’s only one place where you can enjoy dinner and a show and be transported back in time to an era when kings ruled and knights fought for honor and valor: Medieval Times.

The show takes place in a replica of an 11th Century castle. Every show has a story that unfolds as you and your family enjoy a meal fit for a king. You have ringside seats with the court of the king, Don Carlos, and can watch the amazing show as knights battle to prove who’s best.

As you enter, you’re given a crown whose color indicates where you will sit and also which knight you’ll root for. And if you’ve been to Medieval Times in the past, you may want to return for the new show—it may not be the same storyline you remember!

The show contains entertainment that’s fun for the whole family, including impressive showmanship from the live horses as well as their handlers. Crowds also love the jousting, sword fights and an amazing falconry display.

Of course the food is a big part of the appeal. The bill of fare is a four-course feast featuring roasted chicken, tomato bisque soup, pastry of the castle, herb roasted potatoes, garlic bread and spare rib. And of course it’s made even more fun because, in authentic 11th Century style, the food is served sans silverware. So, be prepared to use your hands! There’s also a full bar available for mom and dad.

Medieval Times is located off Hwy. 501 near Bypass 17. Be sure to arrive early for the best seats, and during peak season, it’s recommended that you purchase tickets in advance, as shows do sell out.

Learn more at Medieval Times Myrtle Beach’s website or follow their Facebook page for specials and giveaways.

Posted 7/30/13