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More than Just Country Music Lovers Flock to Myrtle Beach’s Alabama Theatre

Myrtle Beach means a lot to the country supergroup Alabama. Way back in 1973, the band left Lookout Mountain, Ala., and set out for a small town on the South Carolina coast that they knew little about. Nevertheless, they got a gig as the house band of The Bowery on the boulevard here in Myrtle Beach.

They scraped by, playing music for tips for several years, but during that time they became a band, and after they were signed and became mega-stars, they still held fond memories of Myrtle Beach. In fact, Randy Owen met his wife in Myrtle Beach as she sat in the front row of The Bowery. Teddy Gentry’s children were born here. So it was no surprise when they chose the Grand Strand as the home of their theater, the Alabama Theatre, which was opened in 1993 in North Myrtle Beach’s Barefoot Landing, about a 30-minute drive from Paradise Resort.

The theater’s shows are worth the drive: it hosts touring entertainers from legendary comedian Bill Cosby to Loretta Lynn to, not surprisingly, the band themselves, who played the theater numerous times up until their retirement show in 2002. The theater also is home to regular in-house shows, most notably One: the New Show.

One is produced in collaboration with the owner of the Grand Ole Opry. It’s a modern spin on a vaudeville show, with comedy, dance, impressionists … all the stalwarts of true showmanship! Visitors to Myrtle Beach return to see One year after year, to watch performers they love try out different roles and to see new acts and pieces added to the ever-evolving show.

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