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Tupelo Bay Golf Center: The Cure For The Common Golf Facility

Tupelo Bay has solutions for all quandaries in the solution just described. Many golf courses tend toward chaos and confusion—Tupelo Bay has a relaxed atmosphere. Golf tends to take a long time these days—Tupelo Bay’s executive course is known for requiring the use of all the clubs in your bag but only three hours of your time and the nine-hole par 3 pitch-and-putt course takes less than an hour to play. Finally, summer heat can be oppressive—Tupelo Bay’s 18-hole executive course, pitch-and-putt course and its award-winning driving range are all lighted for public enjoyment until 11 pm.

The Executive Course at Tupelo Bay is a par 58 course consisting of four par 4s and 14 par 3s that feature excellent yardage variety, with the intent to encourage every player to try a variety of shots and have as much fun as possible. The par 3s range from the 112 yard 11th to the 212 yard 10th and the par 4s range from the 265 yard 12th hole to the 313 yard 15th. Lakes, bunkers and strategic trees all come into play, stressing shotmaking and smart play as prerequisites for low scores. Playing 18 holes with a cart (though, unlike most area courses, walking is encouraged) is $39 at peak times of the day, a rate that decreases for $29 for golfers who wish to tee off between 7 and 8 a.m. or those who wish to potentially play “under the lights” by teeing off after 4 pm.

For those who wish to work mostly on their short games or who want a briefer golf fix, the nine-hole par 3 course at Tupelo Bay satisfies many. With holes that range from 73 to 105 yards, it is a great spot to hone one’s distance control with wedges and also test chipping and putting skills. Laid out on gently undulating land, the par 3 course is a breeze to walk, although golf carts are available for rent as well. A trip around the par 3 course is $13 for adults and only $8 for players aged 12 and under, making it an ideal spot to introduce a youngster to the game.

The driving range at Tupelo Bay is one of the best in the area, even before one considers the fact that it is equipped with ample floodlighting, making it easy to track the flight of the ball on a dark night. And with both turf and grass hitting areas that are covered and uncovered, it is even possible to have a relaxing time hitting balls on a rainy day. Beginners and mini-tour pros alike can be spotted on the range, especially in the cooler evenings. Locals love stopping by after work. Buckets of practice balls at Tupelo Bay range from $7 for approximately 30 balls to $13 for about 120 balls.

As if an executive course, a par 3 course and a “Top 100 Driving Ranges in America Nominee” aren’t enough, there is Runaway Bay, a 36-hole mini-golf course that provides great fun for all members of the family. The Cockpit Country course plays around lakes, caves, waterfalls and a lighthouse while the Dunns River Falls course winds its way up a mountain and follows a raging river back to the clubhouse. At the end of a day’s mini-golf excursion, many visitors will cool off with a cone or a sundae from the on-site Hershey’s Ice Cream shop.

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