Atlantis Found at Broadway at the Beach

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Your Myrtle Beach vacation at Paradise Resort is guaranteed to be filled with sand, salt air, surf and much relaxation. However, if you’d also like to add a little adventure to your stay, we have the perfect attraction for you — and it’s brand new. Escape Games is an all-new interactive adventure game in the heart of Myrtle Beach at Broadway at the Beach. This is a one-of-a-kind journey that you won’t soon forget, and definitely one you will be telling your friends back home about.

This fun-filled attraction is packed with live action and pulse-pumping adventure during an hour-long race. Your mission will be to complete a fictional explorer’s final mission to the lost city Atlantis. Believe you’re up for the challenge? By fulfilling the mission, you and your teammates are able to change the course of history for all of mankind while providing a sustainable fuel source that lasts forever.

This isn’t a round of mini-golf or a stroll on the beach. This is a heart-pounding, fully immersive journey featuring extreme sound and lighting effects and lifelike props and decorations. You and your fellow team members will feel immediately as though you have been transported into another world — the world of Atlantis.

Imagine yourself, along with your teammates, embarking on the adventure of a lifetime for the lost city of Atlantis. Your epic expedition sends you on a search for the legendary five Atlantean power crystals. These crystals are the most powerful on Earth and are able to supply sustainable fuel to all of the planet.

Being in possession of a renowned past explorer’s sketchbook, you alone know the coordinates of the last expedition to Atlantis. Once there, you must use the explorer’s sketches to get your team to the temple of Poseidon. There, you must locate the five Atlantean power crystals and then align them correctly. Only then will you successfully fulfill the mission and change the course of history for the world.

To book your Escape Game, visit or call the attraction directly at 843-712-1794. It’s always best to book the adventure in advance, but they do take last-minute reservations based on availability. The attraction is intense, and therefore children between the ages of 12 and 17 are asked to have an adult accompany them.

For more adventurous challenges, visit sister attraction The Mirror Maze, which is also located at Broadway at the Beach. Do-it-all passes that include both games at a discounted price are available, and visitors can even purchase a backstage pass that includes all-day admission to the Mirror Maze.

During your vacation to Myrtle Beach, take yourself and your family on an epic adventure that you won’t soon forget.  Imagine telling your friends back home that you’ve been to Atlantis and changed the fate of the world. If you need help booking your journey, we at Paradise Resort are always happy to help. We want your vacation to be as relaxed or excitement-filled as you want it to be.