Break Out Myrtle Beach Allows Visitors to Escape the Ordinary

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There was a time when getting locked up during your Myrtle Beach vacation was a bad thing. Now, folks are lining up for the chance at the Grand Strand's latest attraction  – Break Out Myrtle Beach. Unlike the many amusement rides and water parks around town, this new-age game features more mental challenges and offers a chance to “Break Out” of the ordinary.

Located on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach, about 10 miles north of Long Bay Resort, Break Out is the latest craze for detective-types and trivia buffs who like to give their brains a good workout. Designed for groups of two to 10 and suitable for all ages, Break Out requires groups to work together to solve puzzles and riddles in order to escape from themed rooms.

Although the concept of being locked in a room might sound harsh, there's no fear or danger involved. Break Out has four rooms specifically designed to test your group's skills at piecing together clues, but participants are never restrained or scared by actors. In fact, the rooms are constantly monitored via closed-circuit TV so guests can get out at any time.

But the real challenge is to plan your own escape using a series of clues inside the room. Patrons must cooperate to put all the clues together and earn their freedom. Groups have exactly one hour to secure their escape, and those who beat the clock are rewarded with a photo and a spot on the wall of fame. Set the record time and receive even more prizes.

Break Out features four rooms with their own unique themes and storylines. As a tribute to the real-life pirates who used to sail off the Carolina coast, Red Beard's Revenge gives groups the chance to solve a serious pirate mystery. Use the treasure map and other clues to find the hidden treasure and the keys to escape before an angry Red Beard returns.

The Serial Killer room is perhaps the most popular of the four, putting some pressure on participants to escape or meet a dire fate. Never fear  – the feel is more slapstick comedy than slasher-style horror. This serial killer has a devious mind, locking you in his home and forcing you to solve a riddle to secure your escape and avoid becoming the next victim.

The CSI Myrtle Beach room is perfect for sleuths who love to solve mysteries. You and your team of investigators must gather clues to foil the Myrtle Murderer, who has vowed to strike again in one hour unless you and your crew can crack the case. Identify the killer and save the day, or suffer the consequences of not being able to solve this whodunit.

The Bank Heist allows you and your party to be the bad guys for an hour. Featuring a high-security bank vault, this room challenges patrons to crack the safe and grab the loot by figuring out the secret code. If you have ever dreamed about pulling off a great bank robbery, here's your chance to have a good time without having to do some hard time in jail.

Break Out Myrtle Beach also hosts group functions, like parties and team-building exercises. Groups can play all four rooms, as the storylines are all unique to each scenario. It takes mental skills and teamwork to crack the cases, and the excitement of solving the puzzles and escaping from the room is sure to bring your group closer than before.

Of course, we never have to worry about our guests trying to escape Long Bay Resort. With our clean and comfortable oceanfront accommodations, spacious pool deck and tanning lawns, and on-site dining and drinks, you and your crew will be happy to stay on the premises and enjoy a wonderful Myrtle Beach getaway.