Breakers Welcomes Ben & Jerry’s to Resort’s Long List of Amenities

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Breakers Resort, the first name in Myrtle Beach vacations, has teamed up with the two biggest names in the ice cream business, Ben & Jerry’s. The two entities have a lot more in common than the new venture, that brings one of America’s most popular franchises to one of the best resorts in America’s most popular family vacation destination.

The international ice cream chain is the latest addition to the Breakers Resort property in downtown Myrtle Beach. Located on the resort premises at the corner of Ocean Boulevard and 21st Avenue North, the world famous, American-born and based business now has a store that is only steps away from your hotel room. Guests at the Breakers can stroll from the heat of the beach to the frozen treats at Ben & Jerry’s in a matter of seconds.

The new partnership is a natural fit when it comes to the people-pleasing business. The Breakers has been making happy family vacation memories for more than 70 years, growing from a small beach cottage into one of the premiere resorts on the Grand Strand by constantly expanding and upgrading its facilities. Featuring three buildings with modern accommodations, state of the art amenities and first-class hospitality, the Breakers brings back generations of guests year after year to enjoy the ultimate Myrtle Beach vacation experience.

Sounds a lot like the success story of Ben & Jerry’s, which has created an American favorite from humble beginnings. Longtime friends and franchise namesakes Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield started their empire nearly 40 years ago when they invested $5 each for a correspondence course in ice cream making and borrowed $12,000 to open their first store in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont. Like the Breakers, they established a business philosophy for given people what they want.

Ben & Jerry’s has made name for itself in the Northeast with its chunk-filled flavors and growth-hormone free offerings, and the brand spread nationally thanks in part to the creative names Ben & Jerry’s bestowed on its ice cream. The company turned heads (especially Deadheads) by unveiling one of its most popular flavors, Cherry Garcia, named after Grateful Dead legend Jerry Garcia. Millions of gallons of celebrity-endorsed ice cream followed, such as Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream, Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road, and Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Dough.

Scoop by scoop, Ben & Jerry’s spread across the globe. Today there are more than 5,800 stores worldwide, serving a variety of unique flavors, cakes, milkshakes, cookie cores and their latest creation, the Brrr-ito – an ice cream filled soft waffle cone drizzled in hot fudge sauce. Treat yourself to a scoop of Chunky Monkey, Hazed & Confused or Choco-latte.

Speaking of coffee, Ben & Jerry’s is right next door to another internationally famous chain, Starbucks. It’s just one of the many options guests at the Breakers have for great food or some liquid or frozen refreshments. Guests can also dine at Papa’s Restaurant, which is located in the same on-site complex as Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks, and the new Rusty Reel Bar & Grill offers patrons excellent food with an ocean view.

The Breakers is also known for providing some of the best amenities on the Grand Strand. With an oceanfront pool deck that spans two city blocks, the Breakers has indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs and a lazy river, as well as a spacious oceanfront tanning lawn where guests can soak up some sun and relax in the ocean breeze. Kids can splash and play in a giant replica of a pirate ship that serves as an aquatic playground, while adults can enjoy the new fitness center, sauna and hot tub.

The addition of Ben & Jerry’s is just the latest example of how the Breakers Resort goes the extra mile to provide guests with the ultimate beach vacation experience.


(Posted: 9/17/15)