Cycle Across Myrtle Beach on a Pedego Electric Bike

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Getting around Myrtle Beach on a bicycle just got a whole lot easier thanks to the addition of a Pedego Electric Bikes outlet. It also got a lot more fun, too. That's because the groundbreaking Pedego Bike, a hybrid between a pedal-powered and battery-powered bicycle, allows riders to go the extra mile. Make that as far as 50 extra miles on a single charge.

Although battery-powered bikes are nothing new, Pedego Bikes have taken the concept to the next level. Earlier versions of hybrids were often heavier and much more difficult to get up to speed on an incline or into a stiff wind. The latest Pedego models are lightweight and easily transitioned from battery to pedal so riders can get the maximum enjoyment and distance.

Offering a wide selection of models to suit your size and needs, Pedego Bikes recently opened its first store in Myrtle Beach at Market Common, just a short distance from Paradise Resort. More popular on the West Coast of the United States and in Europe, Pedego found a perfect new market in Myrtle Beach, where a growing number of residents and visitors are turning to cycling. These electric-powered bikes provide the perfect way to get around for your sightseeing along the Grand Strand.

Offering rentals and sales, the first Pedego Bikes outlet opened in Myrtle Beach under the leadership of the husband and wife team of Aaron and Michelle Maynard; a pair of Air Force veterans who were stationed in England during their tours of duty. Aaron's six-mile commute to base and the couple's wish to explore the English countryside on bicycle led to their discovery of Pedego Bikes, and the love affair continued after their retirement when they opened their dealership in Myrtle Beach.

“After my first ride, I was so impressed with the quality, style, and comfort of my new bike, that I immediately ordered one for my wife. Not only did it meet our commuting needs, but we used them every weekend for rides to the parks and local sites around London. The looks we received were priceless,” Aaron said. “Michele and I both went to college (at the University of South Carolina) in Columbia so it's great to be back in this beautiful state after 26 years. Myrtle Beach is now our home.”

As it turns out, Myrtle Beach is an ideal location for such a franchise. The area's layout along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean creates a spread-out and spacious landscape that requires a lot of pedal power to cover on a traditional bicycle. But with the Pedego Electric Bike, which gives riders the freedom of seamlessly switching from pedal to battery and back, commuting and sightseeing via bike becomes a lot easier and less stressful method of cruising along the Carolina coast.

Pedego Bikes are available for rent by the hour, half-day and full day, and the fully charged battery should be enough to provide you with 50 additional miles to whatever you can pedal in the specified time. Choose from various models to find the right fit for you, and set out on an adventure around the Market Common district and beyond. The nearby Myrtle Beach State Park and the bike lanes along Ocean Boulevard offer plenty of room to roam on your Pedego.

Paradise Resort guests are close enough to the Pedego Bikes outlet that they can ride their state-of-the-art hybrids to and from the resort. Who knows, you just might fall so in love with your Pedego Bike that you stop by the store and take one home with you as the perfect souvenir from your Myrtle Beach vacation at Paradise Resort.