Early-Bird Planning Gets the Myrtle Beach Deals

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We’ve all heard the age-old saying, “The early bird gets the worm” — but really, who wants a worm? Instead of worms, how about deep discounts and perks? When you begin planning your Myrtle Beach vacation early, there are far better benefits than worms, we promise. We help people plan their trips months and even years in advance at Paradise Resort, and we love doing it. Need reasons to start planning now?  We have them, and we are happy to share them with you!

First of all, savings! People in general are procrastinators, and that even holds true for vacation planning, as crazy as that sounds. What this means for early planners is that because the demand is not yet as high, neither are the rates. You get the best rates by booking early! Once the demand increases, so will the rates. Get in early and use your savings for extras on your vacation, not to pay higher room rates.

Speaking of extras, if you are planning on playing golf or participating in any of the hundreds of other activities available here at the beach, many Grand Strand attractions offer generous discounts for early booking, as well. Think of it as a reward for planning ahead. You will be able to save on your tee times, water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing and fishing, and even some theaters. For activities that may not offer those discounts, you will have time to research online specials and coupons instead of paying full price or premiums. Booking your tee times early gives you more than just extra money in your pocket — the courses are better able to accommodate your special request for that coveted 9 a.m. spot when you reserve early. Booking early saves you money on your stay and your play!

Early planning doesn’t just mean savings here at the beach. The savings and rewards extend to your transportation, as well. The earlier you book, the more flexible you can be with your travel dates, which means you may be able to enjoy savings that the procrastinators can’t by finding and taking advantage of deeply discounted airline tickets.  Airline savings add up very quickly when you are looking at family flights, so this can be a huge incentive to get busy planning.

Back to the Paradise Resort and the perks of early booking with us — there are more benefits than just the discounts. When we have more time to plan with you, we’re much more likely to be able to accommodate your room requests and any other special requests. We want you to have that room on the higher floor with the view you’ve been dreaming of, or the room away from the elevator — and with lots of advance notice, we are better able to make these happen!  We want your vacations dreams to come true.

Between the room, golf, entertainment, excursions and transportation, your savings are surely staring to add up. What you do with all those savings can be part of the fun of planning early. You can use the extra funds to extend your stay, upgrade your room, or add on some entertainment or shopping that you otherwise wouldn’t have planned on — and reward yourself and your family for a vacation well planned! Of course, there is always another way to use that extra money — save it so that when this vacation is over, you can immediately begin planning your next!

If you need help with reservations at Paradise Resort, we are a phone call or mouse click away.  Book online now or call 855-765-6659 today — we love early birds and would be happy to help you start the planning, and the savings process!