Easy Ways to Stay Fit on Your South Strand Vacation

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Yes, we’re supposed to relax on vacation.

But at the expense of our well-earned physiques?

Good news, folks, we can have it both ways — that is, take a load off without putting a load on.


Be realistic. Don’t expect to spend hours intensely exercising if that’s just not in the cards. Instead, think maintenance, healthful choices, and unexpected calorie burns. Here’s what you need to do, and it’s all within minutes of your accommodations at Litchfield Beach & Golf.

1) 10,000 Steps: We’ve all heard that this is the sort of fitness gold standard, the minimum number of steps we need to take a day to stay on a healthy track. If you have a FitBit or similar, you probably know what 10,000 feels like, but if not, start each day by briskly walking the beach for an hour. You’ll cover around 6,000 steps in this time, which positions you well for the rest of the day. Believe us, there is no easier way burn calories than walking the gorgeous beach at or around sunrise (stopping occasionally to fetch a shell or two). When you’re through, head back to the Litchfield Beach Starbucks for a soy latte and a reduced-fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich as a healthy little reward.

2) Savasana and Sand: We file this under “luxurious vacation outing”rather than “humdrum daily exercise”—yoga. We love heading to serene Island Wave for a touch of om, and then repeating what we learned the following daybreak on the hard-pack sand of the shoreline. Try this each day of vacation to ensure maximum flexible chill-age.

3) The Cycle Continues: You needn’t go far to make this dream a reality: we have bike rentals right here. Litchfield is positioned right on the beautiful Waccamaw Trail, so local sightseeing is easy and accessible. A three-hour rental is just $12, and think of all the ground you can cover (and calories to burn) without even realizing it.

4) ‘Yak Attack: Treat your upper body and core to a workout for the ages with a couple hours on a stand-up paddle board or in a kayak. We always love Surf the Earth for their awesome customer service, and their selection of rentals is not to be missed. Consider lessons from their skilled staff to maximize the burn —we mean, the fun.

5) Stop, Moderate and Listen: We are NOT, we repeat, NOT telling you to deny yourself delicious food and drink while here. If that were the case, what would be the point of vacation? You’re supposed to “cheat”a little on the diet — you have our blessing. However, as with anything in life, moderation is key. Itching for a two-scoop waffle cone at Paradise? Maybe preface it with a garden salad topped with grilled shrimp at Quigley's for lunch. Got a Pimento Cheese craving that just won’t quit? Split Pawley’s Island Tavern’s concoction with a friend. Not going home without the salted caramel shake spiked with bourbon from bisQit? Cap it at one. As long as you’re getting daily exercise and filling up on low-cal, high-fiber fruits and veggies, these little indulgences will be a wash.

6) Don’t forget, swimming in our pool, wading in the ocean, strolling gorgeous Brookgreen Gardens and Atalaya Castle, and shopping at Hammock Shops Village all count, too! 


What’s your favorite way to stay fit while in Pawleys Island? Let us know! 


(Posted: 5/11/15)