Find Yourself an Old Treasure and a New Favorite Hobby in Myrtle Beach

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The Atlantic Ocean may be the main reason most people choose to head to Myrtle Beach, but there are plenty of other attractions along the Grand Strand. As a guest at Ocean Reef Resort, you are centrally located among a plethora of activities. One increasingly popular thing to do these days is to go antiquing. It can be a fun activity for the entire family to head over to a local antique shop and find cool trinkets and treasures to accessorize your home. Who knows – you might discover that one-of-a-kind item that no one else will have.

For a unique day of shopping, head on over to a few of the great antique and vintage stores that can be found in the Myrtle Beach area, and have an afternoon that will blast you into the past with all of the cool pieces you’ll see from days gone by. Check out this short list of places in and around Myrtle Beach that antique aficionados love to visit on a regular basis, and plan out a day of shopping for unique pieces in shops you can’t find anywhere else!

  1. AAA Resale Antiques & Collectables – Located a short drive down highway 544 outside Conway, South Carolina, Triple A Resale is a 2,500-square-foot, multiple-vendor shop that would qualify as a dream spot for many antique-lovers, being voted one of the best places to find vintage furniture and accessories for three years in a row by WMBF news. Head on over to this shop to find everything you need – from big things like couches and tables to small accessories such as drapes and mirrors – to transform your house for a low price!
  2. Vintiques – If you’re looking to find things that are truly one-of-a-kind and quirky, Vintiques is the place for you. Not only does this Myrtle Beach shop offer vintage and retro antiques, but also repurposed treasures. The repurposed items you will find have the same vintage charm as the antiques, but with a little updating such as a new coat of paint or some tightening up of screws and bolts. Whether you like the raw, untouched versions of antiques or want the same pieces with a freshened-up look, Vintiques has it all for you within the walls of their fabulous store!
  3. Southern Pickers Antiques – With its floor space filled wall to wall with beautiful antiques to accent your home with, this two-story barn in Conway will definitely blast you right into the past! Southern Pickers is family-owned, and it is one of the locals’ and frequent vacationers’ favorite spots to go antiquing because its owners always seem to bring in new treasures and trinkets. Every time you visit, this place will have you looking for hours at its unique furniture and quirky accessories, making it the ultimate destination to antique!

So whether you’re driven to shop by for a love for antiques or because you want to find cool things to spruce up your house, you will be sure to have a better time perusing the aisles and shelves of these stores than you can find on your typical retail excursion. Spend an afternoon or a day exploring these shops to find that one unique treasure to take home with you after a fun-filled week at Ocean Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.