Five Healthy Tips for a Happy New Year

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We all make those well intentioned but often poorly executed New Year's resolutions. For some reason we think by simply switching calendars and making a wish that it will magically come true, unlike those other perfectly good 364 days a year.

But there are some small lifestyle changes you can make that will help you be happy and healthy in 2016 and beyond. These are things you can do both at home as well as during your Myrtle Beach vacation. Here are our five healthy tips for the New Year:

Action sports: The gym is not for everyone. Some folks are much happier playing a game of pickup basketball than spending 20 minutes on a treadmill. For those outdoor-oriented and action-loving folks looking for a new outlet in 2016, lots of like-minded individuals are taking up sports like tennis and swimming to burn a few calories while having fun at the same time. In Myrtle Beach, play some beach volleyball, go hiking or kayaking at one of our state parks, or take surf lessons. You will have a good time while also burning some serious calories.

Eat Right: Perhaps the best way to work off those extra pounds is by not putting them in your mouth in the first place. Of course, you have to eat for good health, but what you eat goes a long way to determining your health. A good rule of thumb is to cut out all the processed foods that are high in carbs and chemicals in favor of fresh fruits and vegetables. Another huge factor is to drink water instead of all the sugary soft drinks and carb-heavy beers. While in Myrtle Beach having fresh, grilled, or steamed seafood with a side salad is a delicious way to eat right.

Exercise: Some folks need a regular exercise regimen to maintain or improve their level of fitness, and the rewards are great for those who can spare a half-hour a day to squeeze in a workout. Join a gym or find an exercise club or group in your area to help you stay on schedule. Don't let your vacation interfere with your workout routine. Visit the Ocean Reef's on-site fitness center, which features treadmills, stationary bikes and weights for a complete workout, or book a Yoga, Pilates or CrossFit session at The Cinzia Spa at North Beach Plantation.

Quit Smoking: Behind weight loss, this is the most popular New Year's resolution, and one of the hardest to achieve. The addiction to nicotine and breaking unhealthy habits is one of the hardest things to do, but there are new tools to help. Ask your doctor about all the stop-smoking options available, or try to ween your way off cigarettes with the new vapor alternatives. Myrtle Beach has several vape shops and stores that carry special nicotine gum to help you beat the habit.

Rest: The medical community is waking up to the importance of sleep for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. New studies say adults should get at least 7 hours per night, while children should get 8-9 hours. Adopt a new bedtime for you and the little ones and you will see almost instant results in your mental and physical shape. You won't have to interrupt that routine during your Myrtle Beach vacation thanks to the Ocean Reef's comfortable accommodations. Rest and recover in your cozy bed and relax at the beach or your private oceanfront balcony.

Ocean Reef wishes you a happy and healthy New Year and hopes you will spend part of it with us for your Myrtle Beach vacation in 2016.