Five Must Have Things to Pack for your Summer vacation at Litchfield Beach

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Packing for your family vacation can be so stressful that you need a longer getaway to recover from it. Relax and remember to pack light. The beauty of staying at Litchfield Beach Golf & Resort is you don't need to bring much to have a great vacation experience. The resort has so many amenities that you really don't have to leave the premises to have a good time, and even the surrounding area is very laid back and come-as-you-are casual. But there are a handful of things you should remember to bring. Here's a list of five often overlooked items by our guests that you should make sure are in your suitcase:

* Beach blanket: You've been daydreaming about lying on the beach but in reality the sand can be hot and sticky without a layer of protection in between. Be sure to bring a large blanket you can put down for you and your family to relax comfortably on the beach. If you decide to go solo with a large beach towel, bring two – one to sit on and one to dry off with after a dip in the ocean. For windy days, use your flip-flops or something heavy enough to hold down all four corners.

* Games/Toys: It's funny how something as simple as a Frisbee or Nerf football can be worth their weight in gold during a beach trip. Toys that go unused by your youngsters suddenly become the center of attention for some friendly beach competition. Beach games are even better, especially popular pastimes like bocce, corn hole and ladder ball. The same is true for back in the room on those rainy days or restless nights. Pack a deck or cards or board games for some cheap family fun.

* Golf Clubs: Not all games are designed for kids. Golf is a game even grown adults never master but love to play, and Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort offers the ultimate opportunity to tee it up without leaving the property. The adjoining Litchfield Country Club makes it convenient for guests to hit the links during their stay, and the surrounding courses of the historic Waccamaw Golf Trail provide unique chances to play some of the top layouts on the Carolina coast. Check with our friendly and helpful golf staff about booking a package and save money on tee times and accommodations.

* Sunscreen: A 12-ounce bottle of quality sunscreen can be the difference between a fun vacation in the sun and a nasty sunburn that keeps you and your family members cooped up indoors. Particularly after a long winter, your skin is super sensitive to sunlight and can burn quickly without some protection. Pick up some SPF-60 or higher, and be sure to choose a waterproof brand for kids who frequently bounce back and forth between the ocean, pools and dry land. Lip balm, long-billed caps or wide-brimmed hats, and sunglasses with high UV ratings provide additional protection from the sun.

* Tent/Umbrella: Our neighbors to the north around Myrtle Beach have sparked a controversy by banning large beach tents, but Litchfield Beach and other Georgetown County beaches are free from the ban. Guests can set up the shady structures around the resort without fear of a fine or a sun exposure. Large beach umbrellas also do the trick for taking a break from the direct sunlight. Just be sure to set up beyond the high-tide line and keep clear of lifeguards and emergency vehicle accesses.

Don’t go overboard with a lot of dressy clothes and shoes. Pawleys Island’s “arrogantly shabby” motto means you can be casual and classy without all the bells and whistles, and Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort and the surrounding area have everything you need if you forget to pack something. It’s all part of the relaxing atmosphere you will find for the perfect summer vacation at Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort.