Five Reasons to Visit Myrtle Beach in the Fall

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With the end of August comes a winding down of summer. Children are returning to school, you begin to notice the days getting a little shorter, and summer attire is seemingly on clearance everywhere. All of this means one thing — that fall is just around the corner. 

We have a well-kept secret to share with you about the fall — it’s the best season for visiting Myrtle Beach and Paradise Resort. This is the time of year that locals dream of throughout the summer. Want to know why?

Well, when planning a visit to the Grand Strand, you will likely first be looking into accommodations — and when you do, you’ll quickly see that there’s a vast difference in rates before and after Labor Day weekend. They are cheaper! That’s because the demand is substantially lower in the fall compared to the high season of summer. This is great news for you, because you are able to stay longer for less money per night. 

With most kids back in school nationwide after Labor Day, fewer people are traveling — which translates to crowds being much thinner than in the peak summer months. Those long waits at your favorite Myrtle Beach restaurants, the crowded pool or hot tub, the crowds shopping at Broadway at the Beach or Barefoot Landing — they all practically vanish after the Labor Day weekend. We’re not saying there won’t be any wait at all, or that you’ll be the only couple or family in the restaurant, but we are telling you that the waits and crowds will be nothing compared to the summer season you are probably used to here at the beach.

Many years ago, if you were to come to the beach in the fall, you’d find that most of our attractions closed until Memorial Day weekend. This is not so anymore, as Myrtle Beach has been a year-round vacation destination for quite awhile now. But the number of vacationers differ greatly by season, so our attraction lines are much shorter during the “off-season.” When you visit the mini-golf courses, theaters, and attractions such as Brookgreen Gardens or Alligator Adventure, you will immediately notice that those long lines folks stand in during the summer are a thing of the past. Make sure to look for “off-season” discounts online for these attractions, too. Resorts are not the only businesses making a Grand Strand visit attractive to your wallet this time of year.

If you’ve been on any of our roads during the busy summer tourist season, you know they can get, shall we say, slightly crowded. We’re not saying you’ll have the only out-of-state tag on Bypass 17 during the fall; however, you will not likely be sitting in traffic for 45 minutes on your way to dinner, either. Locals know how to get around without using some of our main arteries such as Kings Highway, the 17 Bypass and Highway 501, so we avoid them at all costs during the summer.  In the fall months, though, we make our way back to the main roads, and it’s such a nice change of pace.

We know you come for the Grand Strand’s gorgeous beaches and weather. These are big reasons why the locals choose to call this beautiful beach home! Fortunately, fall in Myrtle Beach does not bring a drastic change in weather and temperatures, as it often does inland. We still have temps in the 80s through October. Making those temperatures feel even more comfortable is the absence of the dreaded summer humidity. Our nights may even find you needing a light jacket, but that doesn’t tend to happen very often until late in the season. With the drop in humidity also comes a reduced chance for those afternoon thunderstorms that are so common during the summer. Not that they ever really lasted too long, anyway, but they are less common in the off-season, giving you more time on the beach or the golf course.

So the secret is out of the bag. Fall is the locals’ favorite season here at the beach, and now you know why. Are you ready to take advantage of all that our beautiful beach town has to offer? Happy fall, y’all!  We’ll see you here at Paradise Resort soon.