Five Tips for a Speedy Sunburn Recovery on Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

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You’ve heard all the warnings: Wear sunscreen, sit in the shade, and avoid tanning during the peak heat of the day. But somehow, you or someone in your party always manages to slip up and come down with a bad case of sunburn during your Myrtle Beach vacation — and that can be a pain in more ways than one.

But guests at Long Bay Resort don’t have to let a sunburn sideline their vacation fun. Rather than sitting inside and wishing you had reapplied, follow a few of these helpful tips for taking the sting out of your condition:

* Made in the Shade: Of course, the best way to recover from a sunburn is to stay out of the sun, but who wants to spend their entire vacation in the room? Fortunately for Long Bay guests, you can still have a splashing good time without risking more exposure to the sun. Our covered pool deck and water park provide a great escape from the rays while you enjoy the lazy river, pools and hot tubs.  In the late afternoon, Long Bay’s tower casts a long shadow over the outdoor pool and part of the beach, so you can soak up some shade while you play in the great outdoors. If you insist on going out in the sun, load up on sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) and cover up sensitive areas with clothing or a beach towel.

* Shower Power: Nothing provides instant sunburn relief like a nice cold shower, which will leave you with a temporary tingling sensation that can tame the heat of your hot spots. Modern science has confirmed this old home remedy as an effective and harmless method for relief, although dermatologists warn against the use of heavily scented soaps or scrubbing that can create more pain. Be sure to air dry or lightly pat yourself dry to avoid further irritation. For those who prefer baths over showers, add a perfume-free oatmeal treatment to the water and enjoy a good soak.

* Rub It In: Rub in the moisturizer, that is — and lots of it. After a bath or shower, apply a coat or two of aloe vera gel to the affected areas and begin experiencing the instant relief of nature's miracle plant. Other moisturizing creams can also do the trick, but avoid the heavily perfumed lotions that may smell nice but do little to heal your skin or replace valuable nutrients. One tip for extra relief: Store the aloe or creams in the fridge for a while before applying. Be sure to reapply regularly for a quicker recovery, and use a medicated cream, such as cortisone, on those areas of most concern.

* Bottom’s Up: One of the easiest routes to a speedy recovery — and to proper hydration — is to drink plenty of water. Healthy skin requires moisture both inside and out, and maintaining a high and consistent intake of water will help your internal healing. Avoid sugary, carbonated soft drinks or alcohol, which can cause dehydration, and stick to the all-natural varieties of drinks, such as coconut water, or sports drinks that can replace much-needed electrolytes.

* Pharm Aid: Sunburn recovery requires internal as well as external treatment. In addition to all the topical treatments, one of the keys to relief may be hidden in the bottom of your medicine bag. Something as simple as a common aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be effective for reducing swelling and providing comfort. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever after a day at the beach and before bedtime, and continue following the directions on the bottle as long as pain and discomfort persist.

One more bonus tip for avoiding sunburn: Stay and play at Long Bay Resort. With a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities to choose from, Long Bay guests can maximize their fun while minimizing their exposure to the sun. It’s just one more reason Long Bay is the place to stay on your Myrtle Beach vacation.