Five Tips for Protecting Your Electronics at the Beach

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Some folks can take a vacation away from work, friends and family, but they can’t seem to part with their cell phones, even long enough to relax and enjoy the freedom of a phone-free environment. Visitors to Myrtle Beach have a real challenge on their hands with the abundant supply of sand, sun and saltwater in the surrounding vicinity. Here are five tips for keeping your electronics equipment safe and sound during your Myrtle Beach vacation:

  • Zip lock bags: Sure, you can invest in a pricy waterproof otter box or other products that claim to keep your cell phone and other electronic items safe and dry, or you can spend a few pennies for a quality zip-lock sandwich bag. Besides, a lot of the so-called “waterproofing devices” use small type as disclaimers against submerging your phone in the water and none offer a guarantee to replace your damaged and expensive machine. Instead, zip your phone up in a dry zip-lock baggies (any moisture in the bag will be turned into a sauna by the sun) and make sure you secure it tightly. You can even answer calls or send texts without removing the phone. The sand and sun can do just as much damage as the water so keep it zipped.
  • Beach bag or purse: In addition to keeping your phone in an air-tight baggie, keep it stashed away in a beach bag or purse for an added layer of protection. Secure the strap to a beach chair or umbrella, anything that would deter a snatch-and-dash criminal or the rising tide. Many tourists forget that the Atlantic Ocean is not a giant lake. The tide changes about every six hours, so the perfect beach spot you left to go for a walk on the beach might be underwater by the time you return with all your valuables drifting out to sea.
  • Always empty pockets before you jump in the pool: This one seems obvious but it bears repeating; ALWAYS check your pockets before you jump in the pool or ocean.  More phones are damaged by a spontaneous splash than any other summertime hazard. It only takes one slipped-up dip to set you back a hefty insurance deposit. In a related tip, can you guest what the No. 1 most left-behind item in hotels these days? The charger cord has replaced the personal pillow as the most common lost-and-found item, so make sure to keep them in one location for everyone to use.
  • Much like a sober driver, a designated cell phone keeper can be a real lifesaver for your electronic devices. If there is a member in your party who doesn’t swim or has decided to take the day off from the waves and water, put them in charge of keeping everyone’s cell phone safe and sound. This way you can still use your device when you need to without the responsibility for keeping it high and dry. Still use the zip-lock bag just to play it safe.
  • There is only one sure-fire way to ensure your electronics device doesn’t get wet, sandy or sunburned – leave it in the room.  After all, you are on vacation. Getting away from the constant pressure of having to be accessible at all times is part of relaxing on vacation. Of course, many use their phones as cameras, reading devices, music players and video recorders, so leaving it in the room might be easier said than done. But don’t be afraid you might miss out on the latest news, tweet or Facebook posting while you are trying to relax at Compass Cove.


(Posted: 6/9/15)