Five Tips for Staying Cool on a Hot Summer Day in Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach is known as the Sun Fun City, but too much fun in the hot summer sun can take a toll. Vacationers unaccustomed to the heat reflecting off the white-sand beaches and the summertime temperatures of South Carolina that can approach triple digits must be careful not to get too hot — nothing spoils a wonderful vacation experience like a bad case of heatstroke.

Fortunately for guests at Bay View Resort, there are lots of ways to keep cool during their stay, like a dip in one of the many on-site water amenities or a frozen drink served on the premises. Those are just a couple of the ways to keep your cool in the summer heat. Here are five tips to help you chill out and avoid a meltdown during your Myrtle Beach vacation at Bay View Resort:

  • Frozen treats: One of the best ways to stop sweating on the outside is by putting something cold inside, sort of like putting coolant in your car, but a lot tastier. Order yourself a smoothie or a frozen drink from our on-site Starbucks Cafe, or pick up some freezer pops or ice cream bars for the kids. Bay View is a short stroll from frozen treat hot spots like sweetFrog and Mad Myrtle's, and guests can keep their ears peeled for the ice cream trucks and mopeds that cruise the downtown district.
  • Midday break: The hottest part of the day is generally between noon to 2 p.m., which is the perfect time to take a long lunch break and let your body temperature return to normal. Enjoy the beach during the morning hours, then head back to your room midday for some shade, air conditioning and cool ocean breezes from your balcony. Have a light lunch and plenty of fluids before heading back out to bake in the afternoon sun. Also, take miniature breaks from the sun throughout the day, even if only for a few minutes of shade under a beach umbrella or palmetto tree on our tanning lawn.
  • Pack a cooler: Staying hydrated is important for your health and well-being, so it's important that you carry drinks with you for a day at the beach. Water and sports drinks are preferable to carbonated soft drinks, but bring a cooler large enough to keep everyone in your party happy and hydrated. Coolers with wheels can be an asset for transportation, and you can fill it up at one of the ice stations at Bay View. However, one simple trick of the trade is to place some water bottles in the freezer and leave them overnight. In the morning, the bottles will be frozen solid, but the ice will melt throughout the day and provide icy cold refreshment for parched beachgoers.
  • Take a dip: Few things are more refreshing when you are hot than a dip in the pool. It's like a shock to the system, but in a good way. Guests at Bay View have plenty of options, from our outdoor slash deck to our covered indoor lazy river and pool. Beachgoers can also jump in the ocean for some liquid relief, even if it's only for a short wade through the surf to dive into a crashing wave. Bay View also offers showers designed to wash the sand off your feet, but they also come in handy for cooling off.
  • Tour the Strand: Just as some visitors wait for rainy days to tour some of the Grand Strand's top attractions, others do the same when it's too hot for an enjoyable day at the beach. Waterparks like Myrtle Waves, Splashes and Wild Water & Wheels are great places to cool off and feel a chill in your spine in more ways than one. Indoor attractions such as Ripley's Aquarium, WonderWorks and the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel are climate controlled and offer good, clean family fun.

Guests at Bay View can also relax in their comfortable rooms, crank up the AC and enjoy cool ocean breezes on their private balconies to beat the heat. It’s all part of having a cool vacation in the hot summer at Bay View Resort in Myrtle Beach.