Five Ways to Boost Your Sunburn Recovery

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Nothing can sideline a beach vacation like a bad case of sunburn. Many guests arrive in Myrtle Beach so excited to enjoy some fun in the sun that they overdo it on the first day or two and spend the rest of the week sitting in the hotel room wishing for a do-over.

You know the best way to avoid this sizzling situation: Wear sunscreen, and lots of it. Reapply often, and use a waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. But if you violate the No. 1 rule of ultraviolet ray protection, Breakers Resort offers a few tricks of the trade to help you recover from your sunburn quickly and prevent some of the painful side effects:

* Take a cold shower: This old home remedy might sting at first, but a chilly shower soothes burned skin and provides some temporary pain relief. Taking the heat out of your skin will help in the short and long term, but be sure to avoid heavily perfumed soaps that can further irritate your skin. If you prefer a cold bath, use a soothing oatmeal bath treatment to replace nutrients in your skin. Use a mild soap to gently remove residual sunscreen, sweat, saltwater and pool water, and air dry or pat yourself with a soft towel instead of rubbing yourself with a scratchy towel.

* Moisturize: Immediately following your cool shower or bath, be sure to moisturize your skin with an aloe vera-based gel. Nature's miracle plant for your skin can provide instant relief while also replacing much-needed nutrients. Avoid the artificially dyed aloe products that are bright green or blue in appearance, instead opting for the all-natural variety. Also, keep the bottle handy in the refrigerator for extra cooling and comfort. As is the case with sunscreen, make sure you reapply regularly, especially to the most frequently burned areas like your face and shoulders. For problem spots, use a hydrocortisone cream for extra healing powers.

* Take a chill pill: You might have heard your kids tell you to “take a chill pill,” but that's a fictional medicine that really means “lighten up.” But there is such thing as a chill pill when it comes to relieving a sunburn. Aspirin or ibuprofen are effective tablets for reducing swelling and preventing your skin from becoming sore and puffy. Take the prescribed amount as soon as possible, and continue with the routine as indicated by the instructions on the bottle. A cold compress can also provide quick pain relief.

* Hydration: Be sure to drink lots of water, and not just to wash down those aspirin pills. Sunburn often causes severe dehydration, which can be a serious situation for you and your skin. Your skin is an organ that requires water to remain healthy, so drink plenty of it both before and after a sunburn. Dehydration can also cause serious headaches (see aspirin), so replace the margaritas or sugary, carbonated beverages for a large glass of water, sports drink or vitamin-rich coconut water.

* Take a break: The best thing you can do to help relieve sunburned skin is to stay out of the sun for a day or two. You can do even more damage by exposing burned skin to more rays, so wear light, protective clothing or a cover when you go outside. If you absolutely must go outside, be sure to use a coat or two of sunscreen, and avoid the strongest rays of the day from noon to early afternoon. Your best bet is to grab a good book and stay in the room or on the balcony for a day or two.

Breakers Resort guests also have some extra amenities to help cope with a bad case of sunburn. Our indoor pool deck provides covered pools and a lazy river where you can still enjoy the perks of a beach vacation without getting burned, and our clean, comfortable accommodations will keep you safe from the sun and cool as a cucumber during your Myrtle Beach vacation.