Get in the Halloween Spirit at this Myrtle Beach Costume Shop

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So you’ve planned a trip to Myrtle Beach and Ocean Reef Resort this fall, which happens to land on Halloween weekend. As you and your family are all packed and on the way, everyone realizes that they forgot to bring their Halloween costumes. While you could turn around to go back and grab them or just buy candy to eat in the hotel room, there is a way you can save Halloween without turning back — Spirit Halloween!

Spirit Halloween is a national costume chain with an abundance of costumes to choose from — in sizes for everyone from infants to adults, and even the family pet. Whatever you decide you’d like to be for Halloween, Spirit Halloween can help. Themes include favorite characters such as Batman and Elsa, scary monsters, swashbuckling pirates, and everyday occupations like doctors and firefighters. Spirit even offers an option where you can create your own costume, so you can let your creativity run wild. Be a zombie pirate or a blood-sucking princess — the options are endless with Spirit Halloween.

Feeling like your room at the Ocean Reef isn’t spooky enough for the season? While picking out your costumes, you can grab a few decorations from the many options featured in the store. You’ll have your sweet little suite looking like a haunted house in no time! Spirit’s prices are known to be pretty reasonable, so you won’t have to break the bank to find the perfect costumes and decorations, either. Before you go to the store, you can even check out Spirit’s website, pick out your costume, and have it ready to be picked up in-store — saving you a lot of time if you are in a rush.

Being on vacation doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite holidays and miss out on all of the fun that comes along with them. Grab a costume at Spirit Halloween — located about 15 minutes southwest of Ocean Reef Resort at 3269 Waccamaw Boulevard in Myrtle Beach — and have a fun night in your Ocean Reef suite or out in the suburbs trick or treating. After a frighteningly fun holiday weekend at Ocean Reef Resort, you just might decide to spend every Halloween right here in the heart of Myrtle Beach.