How to Pack for Cooler Fall Weather in Myrtle Beach

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Packing for your summer vacation to Myrtle Beach is easy. Shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops and shades are enough to get you through those hot and humid sunny days when the fewer clothes you wear the more comfortable you feel.

But that's not the case when the seasons change from hot summer days and nights to crisp, cool fall afternoons and evenings. The standard summer beach wardrobe won't cut it, and the milder autumn temperatures create a different set of social and recreational opportunities that may require packing more appropriate attire for the weather conditions. Here's a quick check list of things to pack for your fall vacation in Myrtle Beach:

Beachwear: That skimpy little swimsuit isn't enough for your fall trip to the beach. Sure, the weather is still warm enough to go for a swim in the ocean or pools at Long Bay Resort, but you probably want to throw in a few more stitches of clothing to ensure maximum comfort. For example, a beach cover or cozy T-shirt can do wonders for helping you stay warm after a dip in the water, and a pair of Crocs can keep your feet warmer than flip-flops. A beach blanket can come in handy for more than simply a soft place to lie in the sand. Use it to wrap up from the cool sea breeze or to stay warm at night while sitting on your oceanfront balcony.

Evening wear: The summer dress code in Myrtle Beach is pretty lax: It's “No shirt, no shoes, no problem” for a lot of outdoor bars, and it's not uncommon to see folks dining out in the same gear they wore to the beach. Although restaurants and bars are still lenient about attire, you want to be comfortable both personally and socially when you go out. Instead of the skimpy outfits and less-is-more philosophy of summer, the fall is a great time to get dressed up and hit the town. Dress shirts and jeans for men and long dresses and slacks for the ladies are more appropriate selections for going out for dinner and dancing in the autumn.

Footwear: Lots of summer visitors have a strict no-laces policy when it comes to shoes. “If you can't slip them on, leave them at home” seems to be the general rule of thumb, or in this case, big toe. But the fall ushers in cooler weather that can take a toll on your tootsies, making it smart to bring along a pair of sneakers for long walks on the beach or dress shoes for going out on the town. Yes, it can be a bigger pain to shake the sand out of your shoes at the end of the day, but nothing is more miserable than getting cold feet. Socks, which are also a taboo for some summer vacationers, are also a good idea to pack for your fall beach trip.

Outerwear: The only jackets many summer visitors wear are lifejackets, but you might want to pack a couple of the more traditional types for a fall vacation. Although the autumn days are still relatively warm (average highs are in the 80s in September, 70s in October and 60s in November), the nights can get down-right chilly on the direct oceanfront. The sea breeze and crisp fall air can make it 10 degrees cooler at night than a few miles inland, so a light jacket or windbreaker is the perfect item to pack for those cool fall evenings.

Dress for the season and be comfortable while vacationing here in Myrtle Beach!


(Posted: 9/8/15)