Labor Day Weekend at Litchfield

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The South Strand relishes its “endless summer” vibe.

But the kids still have to go back to school, you know what we mean?

Spending Labor Day weekend at Litchfield Beach & Golf means you get one last summertime hurrah — one last lazy beach day, one last over-the-top ice cream cone, one last sunset over the inlet.

We get the importance of this ritualistic changing of the seasonal guard, even if the warm weather does tend to linger a little longer here.

We’ve got some great things to do here over Labor Day weekend — away from the teeming crowds of some of the bigger, more obvious attractions — to stretch out those last fun days of the best time of year.

Here are some ideas, and all just minutes from Litchfield Beach & Golf:


1) Go surfing: Truly, what’s more summery than that? We understand that few folks, especially those who don’t reside near a hospitable coast, avidly “shred the gnarly heavies”…or something. But Coastal Carolina is a good spot for beginners: the water is warm, the breaks aren’t crowded, and you’re likely not going to get swallowed by a 10-foot swell. Better still, we have great instructors around if you’re not ready to venture out on your own. We love Blake form Surf the Earth for putting the fun in (and taking the fear out of) the experience. Take note for next summer: they offer a great camp for kids. Already a seasoned pro? They’ve got straight-up rentals, too.

2)Get a taste of the Lowcountry: Vacation meals are often exercised in what will please the masses — and that’s usually sandwiches during the day and pizza or burgers at night. You’re only as adventurous as your pickiest eater, right? Well, time to make good on this last taste of summer with a big taste of our home. Order up some shrimp and grits or a stack of fried green tomatoes; get a basket of fried, freshly caught seafood; dig into some gumbo or She-Crab soup; and if all else fails, there’s always pimento cheese and hush puppies. Where to go for these delights? Well, most places around here offer some degree of regional flavor, but we love Webster’s right here at the resort, of course. We’re also digging the newly opened Rustic Table, brought to us by the folks behind Bistro 217. Great options abound, many with a southern flair. The kids’ menu is a crowd pleaser, so they get what they want and you’ve got what you want. Done.

3)Back-to-school shop: Ok, so we’re not talking about pens and notebooks and things; more like fall fashions and accessories. Oh, and maybe a few summer duds on end-of-season sale. We love Hammock Shops Village, of course, and a few standout stores inside. But if you're a real fashion maven looking for the latest and cutest styles, we adore Millie’s, just up the road from Hammock Shops. Trendy, flirty, sophisticated and head-turning adorable, we turn to this spot for the really cute stuff. Why should the kids have all the sartorial fun, huh? Oh, and head in today —all summer merchandise is 50 percent off.

4)Absolutely nothing: That’s right, nothing. Don’t drive, don’t plan, don’t overthink it. Just grab a towel, a chair, maybe a book and head to the beach. Let the kids swim and play, watch the beachcombers walk the shore, and let the sun slip down behind you. Take stock of another great summer vacation and start mentally planning the next one.


While the seasons might be changing, Litchfield Beach & Golf will always have you back.


(Posted: 8/12/15)