Long Bay Resort Is a Great Rainy-Day Getaway

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While guests at other resorts are forced to retreat from the beach to their rooms to wait for sunnier skies to prevail, Long Bay Resort offers a wide variety of options to keep you and your family entertained on a rainy day. Whether it's showing the little ones a good time or letting the grown-ups enjoy some rest and relaxation, Long Bay has you covered. Here's a list of some of our many amenities you can take advantage of no matter what kind of weather you encounter:

* Indoor Pool Deck: The weather may force you indoors from the beach and outdoor pool deck, but that doesn't mean the water-filled fun has to stop. Long Bay Resort features one of the best indoor water facilities on the Grand Strand, including a large pool, long lazy river and spacious kiddie-pool playground area. Watch the little ones play while taking a break in our bubbling hot tubs and steamy sauna.

* Kid’s Club: Children don't have to wait for a rainy day to enjoy the many Long Bay Kid’s Club activities offered, but they can come in very handy on a cloudy day. The usual outdoor activities such as beach games, scavenger hunts and sand-castle building give way to more weather-friendly fun like arts and crafts projects, indoor pool games and ice cream parties. Parents can enjoy some alone time while the little ones make new friends with guests their age.

* Dining: Your tan might suffer from cloudy weather, but your taste buds don’t have to, especially for guests at Long Bay Resort. Start your rainy day with a hot breakfast at our on-site Martin’s Restaurant or a hot cup of coffee from Starbucks, enjoy a tasty lunch and a beautiful view of the beach at the Oceanview Cafe, and grab a cocktail at the oceanfront Tiki Bar — all without leaving the resort property.

* Productive Time: A little bad weather is the ideal time to get caught up on all the things you have been putting off during your vacation, like knocking out some online chores and emails at our state-of-the-art business center or getting in a good workout at our modern fitness center. Of course, the video arcade is a good place to spend some unproductive but fun time. Featuring a mix of modern-age and old-school video games, the arcade is a good place for parents and kids to bond over some cross-generational amusements.

* Movies: It's always nice to curl up with a good book on a beach vacation, but that's only when you want some alone time. When the whole family is stuck indoors, that's the perfect time for a movie night, and Long Bay Resort has everything you need. Use your Sun & Fun Rewards card to check out free and unlimited DVDs from our on-site kiosk, and enjoy the show in the comfort of your room. In addition to free movies, your Sun & Fun Rewards packet also provides free tickets and discounts to some of the top attractions in town, including indoor venues like Ripley’s Aquarium, Hollywood Wax Museum and WonderWorks, so you can stay dry, save money and have a great time.

If you think the list of rainy-day activities is a long one, imagine all the fun in the sun you and your crew can soak up at Long Bay Resort. No matter the weather, we’re ready to show you a wonderful Myrtle Beach vacation.