Looking for the Best Burger on the Beach?

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Everyone loves a great burger and when on vacation, we are sure that one of the staple foods is a good American made burger.  As guests at Paradise Resort you are certain to grab a burger at the Tiki Bar as you bask in the Carolina sunshine and indulge in a frozen cocktail or two, but if you want to get off property and explore some other options, we put together this list for you, check them out.

Peaches Corner: Since 1937, Peaches Corner has been serving up classic fare like hot dogs, French fries and — you guessed it — hamburgers. The mom-and-pop diner is beloved by locals and visitors alike, and has even made an appearance on TV shows such as “Flip My Food.” Try the Peaches Burger, a double cheeseburger, or make it a Burger Basket and enjoy fries. It’s simple, but it hits the nail on the head. Some traditions are kept for generations with good reason — and Peaches Corner is one of them.

ART Burger: Have people in your vacation crew who are split on what they want for dinner? Enter: ART Burger Sushi Bar. Although it seems like an odd pairing, ART does it right, seamlessly integrating the two vastly different dishes into one menu. Both are excellent choices, but since this battle is focused solely on burgers, let’s stick with that. The downtown Myrtle Beach restaurant features décor and artwork by local artists, and names each of its signature burgers after a famous artist. Try the Da Vinci (a falafel veggie burger with hummus) or maybe take a bite out of the Picasso (SC local beef patty, thick-sliced bacon and a walnut chutney). The list goes on and on — find your new unique favorite soon!

Duffy’s Tavern: If you come to Duffy’s Tavern, you’d better bring a big appetite! This restaurant, located at the Bowery in downtown Myrtle Beach, knows how to craft a killer burger — and they should, since they’ve been cranking them out for more than 50 years. Dig into Randy’s Bacon Cheeseburger, Teddy’s Mushroom Swiss Burger, or brave the full pounder Angus burger dubbed The Eighth Wonder. Oh, and if you have any room left, munch on the onion rings or fries — they’re delish.

Burky’s Grill: Feeling like a down ’n dirty burger that’s all taste and no frills? Head to Burky’s Grill, which is located on N. Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. Locals love Burky’s for its 50s-style fast food, smashed-style burgers and delicious milkshakes. Your cheeseburger will be made to order fresh, and you can add any of their toppings. Don’t forget to add cheese onto your order for dipping your fries! Along with a long list of sandwich entrees on the menu, you can also enjoy hot dogs, fried bologna sandwiches, chili cheese fries and a soup of the day.