Myrtle Beach Pirates Voyage Show: A Personal Perspective

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Often, the best type of publicity is word of mouth. With that in mind, please enjoy this narrative provided by one of our own Compass Cove Resort guests who recounted her experience at the Pirates Voyage show and dinner:

 As we gathered in the elevator of our resort, Compass Cove, I could see the anticipation building on my family’s faces. My little ones looked up at me and said “Aargh” as we headed out to Pirates Voyage. Nothing like food, mermaids and pirates to bring the family together.

The front desk suggested we arrive early, and what a wonderful suggestion that was! There was a pre-show that was so creative and entertaining. Upon entering the Pirate Village, our boy was face-painted into a pirate, and our sweet girl into a majestic mermaid. We sang songs with the captain and his crew and watched as the swashbucklers entertained.  Then, to our complete surprise, we saw Salty the Sea Lion. My kids went crazy with excitement because he was so sweet and entertaining. I believe he was my favorite, as well. While exploring the village, it seemed like the perfect time to buy our souvenirs while the lines were short. My son was now equipped with his sword to be a true pirate.

We made our way into the main theatre and was greeted by the most pleasant server. All smiles, she quickly took our drink order. Now it was show time.  Our kids sat mesmerized by the two great, big ships, one carrying the Crimson Crew while the other hosted the Sapphire Crew. It did not take long for the kids to pick their favorites. Pyrotechnics lit up the pirate sky as the kids watched entranced by the colors the explosions produced. Acrobats flew through the air from ship to ship as brightly colored birds dotted the horizon. It was certainly a sight to see, and much more than we expected.  Then, our little girl squealed — actually squealed — because in the water were magnificent mermaids. Their tails glistened of purples and teals laced with gold.

As the pirates brawled over their treasure, we cheered.  My husband and daughter roared for the Sapphires Crew while my son and I screamed for the Crimson Crew. Apparently, the louder the cheers for one side or the other determines the winner of the battle for gold. At our own table, we cheered and laughed against each other; supporting our favorite pirate band of swashbucklers. To my son’s delight, the Crimsons won!

Through all the excitement, I was really impressed by how efficient the staff was in serving our meal at the table. With so much action taking place, we were promptly served hot, delicious food. As the Crimson and the Sapphire crews battled, we enjoyed the Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup and Buccaneer Bread. The main course was half a roasted chicken and Captain BBQ Pork with all the fixings and sides. Apple O’ Me Eye Pie was served for dessert. Our bellies were stuffed, and there was plenty left over.

The night was amazing! The pre-show was charming and personal. We couldn’t be more in love with the sea lion and his antics. Souvenirs have been stashed in my bag, being my family’s booty. Our heads are full with flying pirates, gorgeous birds and sea songs, while our bellies are full of pirate’s grub. I have to say it turned into one of the highlights of our family’s vacation.

Here’s to hoping you make Pirates Voyage and Compass Cove Resort part of your Myrtle Beach vacation experience. As you can see, a lifetime of memories can be found — and who says that’s not buried treasure?