Our Top 5 Steakhouses in Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach may be world famous for its seafood, but the Grand Strand also knows a thing or two about “land food” — like thick, juicy steak. Whether you prefer to pair your steak with seafood for a surf-and-turf feast or to take a break from the all-you-can-eat buffets to enjoy a nice cut of beef, you will find several quality steakhouses within a short distance of Paradise Resort. Here are five of our guests' favorite places to go for a great steak to make their Myrtle Beach vacation complete:

* Angelo's Steak & Pasta: One might not expect to find the “Greatest Steaks in the Universe” at an Italian restaurant. Even better, you might be surprised to find them just a few blocks away from Paradise Resort. But that's exactly how Angelo's bills its steaks on billboards, and many patrons agree. Perfectly seasoned and grilled over an open flame, Angelo's steaks come to your table in a sizzling cast-iron skillet over a bed of onions and mushrooms. Neighboring tables will point and whisper to their server, “I'll have what they ordered.” This place is ideal for families with mixed taste buds. Non-steak lovers can order authentic Italian dishes from the menu, and kids can hit the buffet of pizza, pasta and other favorites for a bargain price.

* Chuck's Steak House: This Restaurant Row institution looks a little out of place, like a hunting lodge amid a sea of seafood shacks. The mounted wild game hanging above the fireplace is a testament to the tasty steaks and chops served by Chuck's, including beef, pork, venison and more. Ironically, one of Chuck's most popular features is an expansive salad bar where you can graze on greens to feel less guilty about ordering a 20-ounce cut, and you can wash it down with frosted goldfish bowls of draft beers.

* Damon's Grill: Another excellent place for steaks is just a short stroll down Ocean Boulevard from Paradise Resort. Although Damon's specializes in baby-back ribs, they use the same open flame to grill their steaks to perfection. Feast on a thick, juicy rib eye, strip, sirloin or filet, or try the ribs, chicken or pork chops for a carnivore’s dream dinner. One of the best features of Damon's is the location. While most oceanfront restaurants focus on seafood (Damon's also has a limited seafood selection), this is one of the few spots in Myrtle Beach where you can enjoy the ocean view while you slice into a tasty steak.

* New York Prime: This place is on the pricey side and might be best for a special occasion. But if you are looking for the best steaks in Myrtle Beach, you will find them in this long-running establishment located one block off Ocean Boulevard. Modeled after the famed steakhouses in Lower Manhattan, New York Prime offers in-house, dry-aged prime cuts of beef prepared to your specifications. The a la carte menu features giant baked potatoes, grilled onions and mushrooms, and Chilean sea bass for those wanting to splurge on a surf-and-turf combo. New York Prime also offers an extensive beer and wine selection.

* Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse: This Brazilian steakhouse puts a new spin on an all-you-can-eat meat marathon. Servers called “gauchos” roam the dining room with carts carrying marinated skewers of beef, pork, chicken, shrimp and more, and patrons simply use a two-sided sign to flag them down — green means “more,” red means “no mas.” Located just across 29th Avenue North from Broadway at the Beach, you can find this place by following your nose to the source of the sweet-smelling smoke. Rioz also offers a unique salad and sushi bar that is a meal in itself for those who prefer greens, but the delicious meats are the main attraction.

After enjoying a savory steak dinner, head back to Paradise Resort for a relaxing evening at your vacation home away from home. Book your plans for a Myrtle Beach getaway at Paradise, and don’t forget to bring a hearty appetite.