Play The Breakers Resort Scavenger Hunt

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The Breakers Resort has been welcoming vacationers to the Myrtle Beach oceanfront for more than 80 years, but visitors to the South Carolina coast haven't always been seeking r and r. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean that now serve as an aquatic playground for millions of beach-goers annually was once crawling with pirates on the prowl for treasure.

In fact, it was 300 years ago that the infamous pirate Blackbeard passed through the area on his way to his fateful death just up the coast of North Carolina. Some believe he may have stopped off to stash some ill-gotten booty on the Grand Strand's sandy shores. In the spirit of our treasure-hunting history, The Breakers Resort offers guests this special scavenger hunt of the property and the surrounding area.

Here’s how you play: The following treasure map is filled with directions for you and your crew to follow. Simply snap pictures of yourself in these locations and post them to your Instagram account. Be sure to tag @BreakersMB ( and you could win some free booty.

Arrrrrre you ready to hunt some treasure?

Clue 1

The crown jewel of Blackbeard’s fleet was the Queen Anne’s Revenge,

He and his crewmembers used it to go on a pirating binge,

But The Breakers Resort in Myrtle Beach has a pirate ship too,

And it’s the perfect place to pose for a pretty picture of you.

Clue 2

The feared pirate Blackbeard was actually a man named Edward Teach,

And before he and his crew set their sails for Myrtle Beach,

They terrorized the nearby city of Charleston with a naval blockade,

And Blackbeard escaped before he could be locked in the stockade.

Clue 3

Pirates were known to wear earrings, peg legs and eye patches,

With shiny swords on their hips for their swashbuckling matches,

Legend has it that Blackbeard’s crew was the scariest of them all,

See how you stack up on The Breakers Resorts’ indoor pool wall.

Clue 4

Pirates visited local waters for food, drinks and a good hideaway,

They didn’t have the Rusty Reel or Strong Waters back in the day,

Nor did they have sea taxis or Uber sailors to call for a sober ride,

So give them a lift and take over the wheel at the top of the slide.

Clue 5

Now that you and your crew are ready to set sail for dinner,

It’s finally time to see if you are the scavenger hunt winner,

Follow the treasure map north for a pirates’ seafood feast,

At the Sea Captain’s House and a great view of the beach.

Now snap your scavenger hunt photos, post them to your Instagram account, and tag @BreakersMB ( for a chance to earn some pirate’s booty. After all, we have something in common with the seahawks who visited three centuries earlier – a love for vacationing in sunny Myrtle Beach.