Satisfy Your Italian Culinary Cravings at Myrtle Beach’s Crave

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So you spent all day wandering around Myrtle Beach, taking in all the views and visiting all the different attractions. At some point during the day, you’re bound to realize, “Man, I am pretty hungry.” While you could stop at a chain restaurant that you know can find at home and have been to 1,000 times, why not try someplace new that you can only enjoy in Myrtle Beach? One of those great places you should definitely not overlook is Crave Italian Oven and Bar.

Crave is a relatively new restaurant in Myrtle Beach and, since its opening, business has always been booming. Visitors rave over Crave’s wide variety of Italian food, including its brick-oven pizzas that are always made to order. Try an authentic Italian pasta dish with Crave’s homemade tomato sauce and pasta, or pile toppings onto a pizza and have a nice, fresh pie that’s been created just for you!

Budget-conscious visitors will want to take advantage of the Italian restaurant’s spectacular happy-hour specials, which are available every day from 4 to 7 p.m. During these hours, you can grab any cocktail featured on the menu, any draft beer on tap or a selection of menu items for at least 10 percent off regular price. This deal is perfect if you are looking to grab a quick bite before doing some more walking around town in the evening, or if you just want to sit down and have some small plates, a few cocktails and unwind after running around all day!

And while Crave is a great place to stop and have a formal sit-down dinner with the family, it is also a great place to stop if you are coming off the beach or in a rush. Crave dedicates a portion of its restaurant to people who want to enjoy a great meal but don’t want to have a formal lunch or dinner. Stop in and grab a slice or two with the family, and then be on your way to check out another Grand Strand attraction or catch a few more rays on the sand!

So when picking a place to eat, don’t go to somewhere familiar and get the same old thing you get on a normal night out at home. Try something new – you never know, you and your family might find a place that you will crave again and again! Crave is located about a mile south of Ocean Reef Resort at 5900 North Kings Highway.