Spring Break 2019 - Start Planning Today!

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If you are considering taking a spring vacation, why wait and plan today.  Right now you are probably bundling up for the cold winter weather and wishing for more hours in the shorter winter days, it can feel like spring’s warmer and longer days may never get here. But making early plans for your spring break on the Grand Strand can bring a long list of advantages — not the least of which involves giving you and your vacation crew some warm and sunny thoughts about the Carolina coast to help you power through the year’s coldest months.

Consider these three great reasons to go ahead and book your spring break getaway at Ocean Reef Resort on the Myrtle Beach oceanfront:

Wonderful weather: As winter fades away — and takes with it the chilly temperatures and snowy weather it’s known for — it’s high time to get outside and enjoy the warm temperatures and bright sunshine found on the Carolina coast. While the nation’s northern regions are still thawing out, Myrtle Beach’s average temperatures climb into the mid 50s in March, the low 60s in April and the low 70s in May — all while the area’s landscape hits full bloom and recreational opportunities abound.

Calmer crowds: Springtime visitors to the Myrtle Beach area get to soak in the same beautiful beaches and amazing attractions as those who arrive during the peak season of summer, but with the benefit of much smaller crowds. So you and your vacation crew can visit the hottest attractions, eat at the most popular restaurants and catch the area’s top shows, all without enduring long lines and lengthy wait times — and often without even having to make reservations. Further, you’ll be able to claim a spacious spot on the beach with plenty of room to spread out and relax without feeling like you’re crowding fellow beach-goers.

Reduced rates: Paradise Resort encourages early bookings and you will notice in the rate the benefits can also extend to the wallet. Paradise has a number of incentives for early bookings, plus discounts for AAA and AARP members, military veterans, and more. Added bonuses can include perks such as rate reductions, extra nights, and free meal and activity vouchers. Be sure to check out our Specials page to see what kinds of offers are up for grabs when you book.

Plan now and you will have something to get you through the winter blues as you dream of your spring break trip to Myrtle Beach.