Staying Healthy as You Vacation

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On your next vacation here at Paradise Resort, you will rest, relax and enjoy your adventure. Here are some great things to help you stay active and healthy even during your vacation.

Pack Snacks: Nothing can kill a diet like those sneaky snacks and soft drinks that taste so good while relaxing on the beach. But the same sweet snacks, such as grapes, pineapple and melons, taste just as nice as the naughty treats. Make a stop at the local grocery store, like the local Fresh Market, Aldi and Food Lion, to stock up on fresh snacks and salads to curb your appetite without any guilt.

Vacation Workout: If you feel more comfortable sticking to your regular workout routine, our fully furnished fitness center will meet your needs. But if you want to take advantage of your location to do something new, you have lots of options. Take a stroll down the beach and back while you take in the view, or try some water aerobics in our oceanfront pool. Working out doesn't have to be work at the beach.

Healthy Hot Spots: It's easy to slip up on your diet at the more than 1,700 restaurants on the Grand Strand, but you don't have to look far to find a few healthy ones. Bay Naturals in Myrtle Beach serves a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free items, as well as an organic smoothie bar that allows you to create your own frozen concoction. Nearby Green Grubbin' Restaurant serves an array of salads, sandwiches and wraps.

Treat Yourself: If you want to enjoy the best of the local restaurant scene and spoil yourself a little, there are several nearby eateries that can help you do so without blowing a hole in your diet. Check out E-Noodles for excellent pan-Asian Cuisine, or Damon's Oceanfront Grill just a few blocked down the beach. The Market Common's Co Sushi, Tupelo Honey and P.F. Chang's have healthy menus for moderate cheaters.

Smart Ordering: Lots of restaurants have started listing nutritional information prominently on their menus to help make good decisions when ordering, but there are small steps you can take lighten your meal. Ask your server to leave off heavy sauces or substitute starches for fresh veggies, and drinking water instead of sugary sodas or alcohol can greatly decrease your caloric intake. Dessert? Just say no.

Just a few options to help you maintain that beach body you have been working months to get.  See you soon, here at Paradise Resort.