Sweet Eats and Frozen Treats Surround The Breakers Resort

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One of the many great vacation memories made in Myrtle Beach over the years revolves around the sense of taste. From the melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy spun at the old Pavilion Amusement Park to the freshly made saltwater taffy sold at the shops along Ocean Boulevard, enjoying sweet treats is a tradition for visitors who have been staying at The Breakers for more than 80 years.

Today there is a wider selection of sweets than ever before. In additional to the traditional beach fare, there are also new candy stores, ice cream shops and even bars serving sweet stuff for adults who are still kids at heart. Breakers guests don't have to look very far to find their sweet-tooth fix. Here are the top five sweet spots near The Breakers for finding candy and frozen treats:

* Ben & Jerry's/Starbucks: When the summer sun turns your taste buds into a hot and dry place, guests at The Breakers can find a cure without leaving the resort property. Breakers is now home to two of the nation's biggest names in frozen and liquid refreshments – Ben & Jerry's ice cream parlor and Starbucks coffee shop. Ben & Jerry's is famous for its creatively made and named flavors, such as AmeriCone Dream and Cherry Garcia, as well as a wide selection of cones, shakes and sundaes. For coffee lovers, Starbucks has a variety of lattes, iced coffees and smoothies.

* Canipes Chocolates & Candies: These tasty treats are made in the nearby small town of Longs, South Carolina, but you can pick some up from a kiosk at Coastal Grand Mall in Myrtle Beach. Featuring a wide variety of animal-shaped candies, Canipes sells chocolate-dipped alligators and other native species. Locals love the freshness of the chocolates that you can't find anywhere else, and visitors have gotten wise to the sweet shop and stop by the factory outlet on Highway 9 on the way out of town to take some home to friends and family.

* Rusty Reel: The new Rusty Reel Bar & Grill on the ground floor of The Breakers’ Palmetto Tower serves some of the sweetest frozen drinks in town. Try a Breakers Breeze, a Bahama Sunset or a Dirty Banana straight from the blender to your glass, or think big by ordering the popular Voodoo Buckets, and grab enough straws for the whole party. For serious daiquiri fans, Broadway at the Beach has a pair of adults-only slushy shops — Fat Tuesday and Wet Willie's — where you can choose from more than 30 different flavors.

* Sugar Life: Located just one block inland from The Breakers, this sugar shack is sure to make you pucker up. Featuring shelf after shelf of colorful candies, such as gummy bears, jelly beans, candy bars, taffy, gumballs and jawbreakers, Sugar Life allows patrons to pick and choose their favorites and place them in a plastic bag to be weighed and paid for by the pound. Unlike most other sugar-themed sweet shops on the Grand Strand, this one also serves ice cream with all the toppings, including unique flavors like Caramel Sea Salt Nut and Bit-O-Honey.

* Wee-R-Sweetz: This locally owned and operated candy store has three locations on the Grand Strand, the closest of which is only one mile away from The Breakers at Broadway at the Beach. Serving saltwater taffy, caramel-dipped popcorn balls and apples, gourmet chocolates, and homemade fudge, Wee-R-Sweetz is the perfect place to pick up some sweet gifts for folks back home.

Of course, the sweetest part of your Myrtle Beach vacation will be the comfortable accommodations and award-winning amenities at The Breakers Resort. But there’s nothing like a little extra dose of sugar to make your vacation experience even better.