Take a Leap of Faith and Fun at Myrtle Beach Skydiving

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Even the most mild-mannered people have a daredevil inside just dying to get out. Just because you sit behind a desk five days a week doesn’t mean you can’t take a ride on the wild side every once in a while. For those who do, there’s only one perfect time and place to try something crazy, and that’s during your vacation at Ocean Reef Resort, Myrtle Beach.

Whether it’s a roller coaster, waterslide or parasailing, Myrtle Beach offers weekend warriors plenty of opportunities to get their adrenaline pumping. But for the ultimate thrill and the ultimate thrill-seeker on the Grand Strand, there’s nothing like jumping from an airplane with nothing but you and a parachute at Myrtle Beach Skydiving.

Headquartered at the North Myrtle Beach Airport, just 7 miles north of the Ocean Reef Resort, Myrtle Beach Skydiving offers instruction, equipment and jumps for rookies and veterans. Offering an experienced and certified staff, this outfit can make your dreams of flying through the sky come true in only a matter of hours, and for as little as $199.

Myrtle Beach Skydiving provides the best training and most modern equipment available to give you and your party a safe yet thrilling experience. In compliance with all USPA (United States Parachuting Association) regulations, and featuring a professionally maintained fleet of airplanes and the latest gear available, Myrtle Beach Skydiving has everything you need to scratch skydiving off your bucket list.

Those who are brave enough to try it can choose between a tandem jump with an experienced jumper, which is recommended for newcomers, or a solo jump, which requires more training and is perfect for more experienced skydivers. Both types of jumps are available for first-timers but solo jumps are a bit pricier because of the extra training involved. All instruction is provided by Myrtle Beach Skydiving's experienced guides and pilots.

Tandem jumps require patrons to take 1 to 2 hours of ground training before boarding the plane and strapping into a parachute with your instructor, who will literally be strapped to your side for every thrilling second. The Level 1 Tandem Jump is designed to teach first-time divers the proper arching position, freefall turns, altitude awareness, parachute deployment and canopy control at lower altitude. Level 2 is performed at a higher altitude of 5,000 feet and features more freefall time and landing lessons. Level 3 provides divers with the chance to experience such thrills as 360-degree freefall turns and canopy steering.

All those skills will come in handy for those who get bitten by the skydiving bug and decide to take it to the next level of solo jumping, which requires 4 to 6 hours of ground training at the Myrtle Beach Skydiving School. Students learn all the ropes before taking the big step out of the airplane door all by themselves. Myrtle Beach Skydiving offers jumps at altitudes up to 10,000 to 14,000 feet.

Make the most thrilling minutes of your life last forever with an official Myrtle Beach Skydiving video and photo package. Pictures and Go-Pro camera video of your training and jump are shot and compiled by the outfit and made available for purchase. Impress your friends and family back home by showing them what you did during your vacation.

There is one word of warning for first-time skydivers: Soon after your feet hit the ground, you will already be planning your next jump adventure. Myrtle Beach Skydiving may become a regular stop on your Grand Strand vacation. To make reservations or gather more information, call 800-314-4067 or visit www.myrtlebeachskysiving.com.