Take a Pedal-Powered Brew Cruise in Murrells Inlet

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When you visit Paradise Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, be sure to spread your wings a little. We know the biggest draws are the sand, the surf and our beautiful resort, but there is so much more to enjoy on the Grand Strand. The possibilities are almost endless and can be overwhelming, so we try to point out the best of the best in our blog posts for our guests. Today, we are heading south to Murrells Inlet.

Located about 12 miles down Highway 17, Murrells Inlet is an adorable little fishing village – or at least that is how it was known until recent years, over which it has become a hot spot on the southern Grand Strand for water sports, incredible restaurants and bars, and the MarshWalk. There is a saying in the inlet among locals: “It’s a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem.” That, of course, is meant with good humor. The fact is, though, there really isn’t much you can’t find here in terms of restaurants, nightlife and bars. It’s nearly impossible to not enjoy yourself in the Inlet (as the locals call it).

There is a new addition to the Murrells Inlet entertainment scene this year – the East Coast BrewBoat. The first and only floating, pedal-powered pub in South Carolina, this is a pretty big deal, and it’s been a huge hit so far. Ready for the details? We’ve got them for you!

The BrewBoat offers a BYOB, one-of-a-kind cruise though the gorgeous marsh and inlet waters of Murrells Inlet. The scenery you will take in on your cruise is breathtaking and impossible to forget. The trip combines beer with elements of biking and boating, making for one adventurous and fun-filled trip around the inlet. Your BrewBoat can accommodate 15 people, so it’s the prefect size for your family, friends or the party you want to create on the water.

Booking is simple and quick. Visit brewboatsc.com, and you will be able to see their availability in the booking calendar – and you can even book your cruise online. They even have the legal waivers online so that you can print them out for your crew and everyone can sign them ahead of time, making it easier to just get the on-water party started when you arrive.

If you have enough people in your group to fill the boat (a full boat charter), then your route can be customized for pub-crawling or sightseeing. The choices and cruise itinerary are up to you. What you drink is also up to you. The BrewBoat allows you to bring your own beer and wine. They also have everything else you will need such as coolers, ice and cups. They do suggest that you remember your sunscreen and that your shoes be comfortable for biking, because you will be powering the boat, after all.

A few things you should know before you go. There are no bathrooms on the boat, so be sure to visit one on the MarshWalk before you leave shore. The cruise is an hour long, so bathroom breaks usually are not an issue, however. Don’t worry about overexerting yourself, either. The pedaling is easy, and it can actually be made easier or harder depending on your group’s preference for your trip. This is a fun cruise around the inlet and one the entire family can enjoy together. Of course, only those with valid IDs showing proof that they’re of drinking age will be allowed to consume alcohol or bring it aboard.

When you have returned to shore, be sure to stick around Murrells Inlet and enjoy the MarshWalk, some live music and, of course, one of the amazing restaurants the area has to offer. When you are finished on the Grand Strand’s south end, your room and extensive amenities at Paradise Resort will be waiting for you.