Test Your Escape Skills at These Exciting Grand Strand Attractions

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One of the biggest trends grabbing the attention of groups looking for something exciting to do is the escape room, an adventure game where you and your group are locked in a room that has a puzzle or a mystery to solve. Perfect for those days when the weather is gloomy or when it’s too hot to bear sitting in the sun, these attractions are bound to create plenty of memories with your family and give your brain a great workout! Check out these three places located within a few miles from the Ocean Reef Resort area, grab your finest team of Nancy Drews and Sherlock Holmeses, and start getting to work!

Myrtle Beach Room Escape: This was the first escape room established in Myrtle Beach, and fans of mysteries and adventure still love coming here. Myrtle Beach Room Escape has only two escape venues available at a time, but they change often, so this would be a great place to come time after time to try your hand at a new challenge. The current cycle features puzzles involving finding a way to escape from zombies and escaping a theater where a bomb is about to explode — both of which are thrilling and require a lot of fast thinking!

Break Out: From looking for Red Beard’s treasure to being a part of CSI Myrtle Beach, this place is sure to have your brain’s gears turning and trying to figure out the solution to the various puzzles they have! Created by a group of young puzzle lovers, Break Out is a fan favorite among adventure seekers in the Myrtle Beach area. With four rooms that are suitable for all ages, you and your whole group are sure to have a great time searching for clues and solving the mystery!

Riddles Escape Room: Riddles Escape Room is by far the largest of the three area venues, with five different rooms and adventures to choose from (and a sixth coming soon), 175 locks to open and only 60 minutes to break out of the room of your choice. Checking in to their Grand Strand hotel may be easy, but to check out is a much more complicated process. Visitors can also shoot for the stars and try to escape their space station or do their best to find a way off of Bird Island after spending five nights stranded.

Whichever puzzle you choose, you are bound to have a thrilling time trying to find your way out of these escape rooms. To guarantee your group’s spot, make sure to check their websites to book a time slot before you go during your stay at Ocean Reef Resort!