Top 5 Steakhouses in Myrtle Beach

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The Grand Strand is famous for seafood, and for good reason. With 60 miles of Carolina coastline yielding fresh catches of the day at hundreds of seafood restaurants, many Myrtle Beach visitors find themselves dining on shrimp, crab, oysters and fish every night of the week. But every once in a while, when your taste buds are up to their gills in seafood, you've got to have a steak. Fortunately for those who prefer turf to surf, Myrtle Beach also delivers a steady diet of steakhouses. Here are five of our favorites:

  1. Angelo's Steak & Pasta: One might not expect to find “The Greatest Steaks in the Universe” at an Italian restaurant, but Angelo's backs up that claim with a tasty flame-kissed contender served in a seasoned skillet. Watch everyone's head turn and mouth water when your smoking and sizzling steak is delivered to your table. Guests can choose between a broad array of cuts, but the New York strip is widely regarded as the house favorite. Pair it with a pasta dish and salad, or make it a surf and turf combo by adding shrimp, scallops or a lobster tail.
  2. Chuck's Steak House: Carnivores will get a kick out of this hunting lodge setting in the heart of Restaurant Row. Surrounded by seafood restaurants, Chuck's is an unabashed steakhouse with the trophies on the wall to prove it. Chuck's offers a wide variety of cuts, including elk, venison, buffalo and others, but the thick cuts of beef grilled to order are the main attractions. Wash it down with a goldfish bowl draft beer for only $3 during happy hour. Grazers will love the salad bar, and there's a nice view of the Intracoastal Waterway on the back patio.
  3. New York Prime: Guests at the Caribbean are only one block away from the finest steakhouse in Myrtle Beach. Located on 28th Avenue North, New York Prime feels like it should be in the middle of Lower Manhattan's fine dining district, especially the tableside service and the in-house dry-aged steaks. Order the cut of your choice to the temperature of your desire and get ready for the best steak you have ever put in your mouth. New York Prime is a bit pricy, with an a la carte menu for salads, baked potatoes, and grilled onions and mushrooms, but well worth it for steak snobs. An extensive wine list and huge import beer selection make this a popular gathering spot.
  4. Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse: If you love grilled meats but haven't tried a traditional Brazilian churrascaria (Portuguese for “barbecue”), you are in for a treat. This Broadway at the Beach establishment offers a unique dining experience that's best equated to a seated buffet. Rioz’ staff of gauchos roam the dining area with flaming skewers of beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, lamb and more, stopping at your table to slice off a fresh cut of whatever you desire. The aroma of seasoned meats wafts from the restaurant and lures unsuspecting meat-lovers to the meal of a lifetime.
  5. 21 Main: This AAA Four-Diamond restaurant specializes in steaks and sushi with equal acclaim. The steaks and cuts of veal, lamb and pork are award-winning, and the sushi menu is one of the most creative on the Grand Strand. Located at North Beach Plantation, 21 Main is a great place for a festive feast for families, couples or large parties.

Wherever you decide to enjoy a juicy steak in Myrtle Beach, be sure to head back to your cozy room at the Caribbean Resort and Villas to let your meal settle. With so many seafood dinners to digest, you will want to relax and enjoy your steak experience at the beach.