What to Pack for Hot Summer Fun in Myrtle Beach

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Before you start shoving random stuff in suitcases to get ready for your Myrtle Beach vacation, take a quick time-out. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and extra luggage if you follow one simple rule (OK, actually two): Pack tight and pack light.

How many times have you gone on vacation and not even made it halfway through your travel wardrobe? Avoid the unnecessary baggage and bring only what you need — not what you might need. That's what you call packing tight. Packing light involves recognizing that you are coming to sunny Myrtle Beach in the summertime, so the need for bulky clothing is nonexistent. Here are a few suggestions for what to pack for your stay at Bay View:

* Beach gear: These items may be a bit bulky for the “tight and light” rule, but they are critical to enjoying your time on the beach. Blankets and beach chairs are highly recommended for your comfort, and a beach umbrella provides some much-needed breaks in the shade. Guests can rent and reserve beach chairs and umbrellas from the city-sanctioned beach service, but it's cheaper and often more comfortable to bring your own setup. Beach toys and games also come in handy for guests who like to toss around the old pigskin or play a friendly game of cornhole.

* Beachwear: If you feel the need to overpack, swimsuits are the best items to have more than enough of. Because of Bay View's ideal location on the oceanfront and in the heart of the downtown district, you may find yourself going to and from the beach, pool and nearby attractions throughout the course of a day. No one wants to put a wet bathing suit back on, and they don't take up much suitcase space, so go crazy. Otherwise, T-shirts, shorts and beach covers are the norm and all that are needed for most every situation. OK, so maybe you want to bring a couple of nice outfits for dining out. Go for it. But most restaurants in town are vacation casual, and the weather will likely make you wish you had left the long pants and sleeves at home.

* Flip-flops: Shoes are probably the best way to save space in your luggage. A good pair of flip-flops or rubber shoes to wear to the beach and pool is the best way to go, allowing you to kick them on and off and get them wet with no worries. For dedicated sneaker wearers, prepare to bring home a lot of unwanted sand if you sport them to the beach. In fact, no shoelaces are a good rule of thumb (or big toe). Leave the socks at home, too — this is the beach.

* Plastic bags: Cheap trash bags and sandwich bags can be worth their weight in gold during a beach vacation. Even if your cellphone has a waterproof protective cover, take extra precaution by sealing it in a resealable sandwich bag. Not only does it keep your phone dry and prevent sand from sneaking into tiny cracks, but you can also use the touchpad and talk directly through the plastic. A trash bag can come in handy by keeping larger valuables from getting wet and sandy, and you can use one to collect a day's worth of garbage so it doesn't blow away on the beach.

* Sunscreen: Some visitors are in such a rush to get to the beach and get a base tan that they burn the first day and spend the rest of the week in the room or the shade. Avoid making a mistake that can ruin your trip — be sure to maintain good sunscreen coverage. Start the day with a good coating and reapply frequently, even if your brand says it’s waterproof. SPF 30 or higher is good for allowing you to get a little sun without the ill side effects. After a shower, use a nice, soothing aloe-based gel or moisturizer to get your skin ready for another fun day in the sun.

One last packing tip: Be sure to bring a smile because you are going to need it during your stay at Bay View Resort. With great accommodations and amenities and an incredible location in the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach, a memorable vacation is in the bag.