What’s the Scoop? The Five Best Places in Myrtle Beach for Ice Cream

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Between walking around the shops and playing on the beach all day, you will need something to cool you off during your Myrtle Beach vacation. You could go jump into the pool or Atlantic Ocean, of course, or sink your teeth into a nice, cold scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt!

There is no denying that ice cream and frozen yogurt are staple sweet treats when it comes to a hot summer day. With many options in Myrtle Beach, a select few really stand out to the locals and visitors. If your sweet tooth is kicking in, scoop everyone up and check out these five popular ice cream/frozen yogurt shops that are right outside your door at Ocean Reef Resort!

Kirk’s: Whether you are in the mood for a single scoop in a homemade waffle cone or an ice cream sundae with toppings galore, Kirk’s is the place for you. Kirk’s Ice Cream is a local, family-owned parlor that is a staple in Myrtle Beach. With over 40 flavors to choose from and many ways to devour them, it would be impossible not to find something that will satisfy your sweet tooth here.

Ben & Jerry’s: In 1978, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield renovated an old gas station in Burlington, Vermont, and opened the first ice cream parlor for the internationally known and beloved ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s. Now, the company has expanded to scoop shops in 45 states and 32 countries, with one located in the heart of Myrtle Beach! Known for their kooky ice creams that are jam-packed with flavor and filled with chunks of delicious ingredients, this scoop shop will be sure to please everyone in the family. Stop in and try one of their most beloved classic flavors, such as Chunky Monkey, or be bold and try one of their new flavors.

sweetFrog: If you are trying to stay on track with your diet while on vacation but want to go somewhere the kids will also enjoy, sweetFrog would be the place for you! At sweetFrog, you can serve yourself your own frozen yogurt and top it off with all of your favorite toppings. Have yourself a nice, low-calorie yogurt topped with fruit, while the kids enjoy a sugar-packed cup overflowing with candy. With many yogurt choices and toppings as far as the eye can see, the combinations are endless!

Friendly’s: After a long day on the beach or at the water park, stop by the iconic East Coast restaurant chain Friendly’s. Here, you can have a great dinner with the family, followed by some great ice cream options. From their signature, frothy “Fribble” milkshakes and Jim Dandy sundaes to plain old cups and cones, there will be something on Friendly’s long ice cream menu that will make everyone in the family say they found a little more room in their stomach for dessert.

Bruster’s: Located just outside of Myrtle Beach, Bruster’s is another American classic. This Pennsylvania-based chain has always believed that its ice cream should be made each day with the freshest ingredients available, and that is exactly what it does. All of Bruster’s ice cream is made in-store daily and is never served the next day, so you will always have a nice, fresh scoop to devour in seconds. With a nationally outstanding rating, Bruster’s is definitely a top place to get a nice treat during your vacation.

Whether in the mood for a steamy mid-afternoon treat or an after-dinner dessert, try any one of these five fabulous locations and enjoy a scoop or two. Combine it with a stay at Ocean Reef Resort, and you’re in for a pretty sweet deal!