Your Black Friday Survival Guide in Myrtle Beach

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A growing number of vacationers are discovering a dual purpose for visiting Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving weekend. The obvious reason is to celebrate a full day of turkey and football with a relaxing four-day holiday on the oceanfront at Bay View Resort. But more and more tourists are also coming for Black Friday and the abundance of shopping opportunities on the Grand Strand.

Featuring mega-shopping complexes like Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot Landing and Market Common, modern malls such as Coastal Grand Mall, Myrtle Beach Mall and Inlet Square Mall, and retail centers that include two Tanger Outlet Stores and countless big box chains, the Grand Strand is the perfect place to combine a peaceful beach retreat with a hectic one-day shopping spree.

In fact, many bargain shoppers save enough money on their Christmas shopping to cover the cost of vacationing in Myrtle Beach during the offseason. With low room rates and small crowds, you can enjoy all the attractions, entertainment, dining – and most of all shopping – the Grand Strand has to offer while also knocking out that holiday shopping list in one trip. Here are a few tips for surviving Black Friday in Myrtle Beach:

Make a plan: This may be the most critical step in your Black Friday game plan, especially if you are unfamiliar with getting around the Grand Strand. First, make a detailed shopping list of everything you will need. Second, pick up a newspaper or local shopper for information on local stores, sales, hours, etc. Then draw up a map of where to go and when, saving you valuable time on the road by taking the most direct routes. For example, Barefoot Resort, Myrtle Beach Mall and Tanger North are in the same neighborhood; so hit all three before you head back south in search of more stores.

Get some rest: You are going to need all the stamina you can muster to make it through this marathon-shopping day, so be sure to get in bed early after stuffing yourself with turkey. Some stores, like both Tanger locations, Wal-Mart and other big boxes, have started opening at 6 p.m. Thursday, giving shoppers a jump-start before Black Friday even begins. Others open at midnight, 6 a.m. Friday and, in the case of Broadway and Market Common, don't open till 10 a.m. Rest up and be sure to hit the stores you need shortly after they open if you are looking for high-demand items or limited-time sales.

Safe storage: After all the parking and walking you've had to endure on Black Friday, now you have to keep your loved ones back in the room from spying their Christmas gifts. Keeping them in the car can be tricky with so many stops on your list, so store gifts in a car trunk or under a blanket in the back of an SUV. Don't leave the receipts in the bags; keep them somewhere safe from prying eyes and opportunistic thieves. Make sure you account for the extra cargo by packing light for your vacation, and consider bringing a large storage container to put on top of your vehicle for the trip home.

One last tip before you lace up your Black Friday sneakers; don’t let your shopping chores interfere with your mini-vacation. Enjoy all the amenities Bay View Resort has to offer and take a stroll down the beach, Ocean Boulevard and the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk for a little bit of rest and relaxation – and a whole lot of holiday shopping. It’s all part of what makes Myrtle Beach a great place to visit for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


(Posted: 10/26/15)