5 Best Selfie Spots in Paradise Resort

Cheese! We just don’t say that anymore when taking photos. More often than not, the camera is pointed at the picture-taker.


But selfies are big-time occurrences, especially in places as photogenic as Myrtle Beach.


When you stay at Paradise Resort, there are plenty of places for a well-staged selfie. Snap something Instagram-worthy that’ll make your followers jealous! But first …

Who Took the First Selfie?

Robert Cornelius, age 30, took a self-portrait outside his family’s lamp-manufacturing store. What’s so odd about that? It happened in October 1839! Bob had to set up his camera and sit motionless for 15 minutes, that’s all.

5 Tips for Super Selfies

1. Find Your Angle


Slightly up, down, side to side … or at least tilt your head a little. Maybe tilt your head *and* the phone. Anything is better than one taken straight-on.


2. Look up


Raise your eyebrows a little, which will make your eyes look bigger. Think happy thoughts — authentic happiness is a sure bet to get a great smile out of you.


3. Research (a little)


Look at professional headshots, and determine how to transfer that to your selfie. Looking at the camera, away from the camera, a cameo shot, serious, silly … the choice is yours.


4. Lighten up


Pay attention, because good lighting, especially natural lighting, is key. Bask a little in the sun’s glow, particularly when you’re in a beautiful place such as Myrtle Beach.


5. Can’t beat your feet


Selfies need not be faces only — it just needs to be of you, by you. Your feet, whether with toes in the sand or covered in cool kicks, deserve the limelight, too.

Girls Taking Selfie

5 Places for Selfies at Paradise Resort

1. Your Balcony


Especially with the golden rays of the sun peeking through, and the ocean behind you? This one is going to get more likes than there are shells in the ocean.


2. On the Beach


What better way to say “I’m at the beach!” than to take a selfie … on the beach? get the landscape (or the SkyWheel!) in your background for bonus points.


3. Outside the Resort


Paradise Resort is a beautiful place, so why now show off that you’re staying there? A group selfie by the fountain with your traveling crew is a great first selfie to snap when you arrive.


4. On the Pool Deck


Hat on, glasses up, cold drink in your hand. You’re living the paradise life, so capture the moment appropriately.


5. On the Chessboard


How often do you get the chance to pose with a bishop half your size? Paradise Resort’s life-size chess set makes for some of the coolest selfies around.

Mom and Daughter Selfie on beach

Get Your Picture-Perfect Stay at Paradise Resort

This place is awesome, and you’ll have plenty of ocean views (for selfies or otherwise.) Relax on the lazy river, or spend some time in a hot tub. Indulge in a delicious breakfast and kick back in a clean, spacious room. Check out our other specials and book your stay today.