5 Smash-Hit Parlors to Get a Tattoo in Myrtle Beach

Here’s something to include in your next Myrtle Beach getaway itinerary: Getting a tattoo.

You don’t even have to wait until Bike Week on the Grand Strand to get one. Did you know that since 2012, women have gotten more tattoos than men? Or, that in Latin, tattoo means stigma?

Regardless, more people are getting inked up in Myrtle Beach, and we’ve got a list of places you’ll want to check out.

Questions to Ask Before You Get a Tattoo

They’re super cool. But you want to make sure you’re all in before you go all in. Here are questions to ask before you visit the parlor.

  1. Why this design? It doesn’t have to be a profound story, but it should have a good reason behind it. Check yourself: Are you getting this for you, or to prove a point to someone?

  2. Check the price. Color, detail, location, and size all factor into the cost. Be clear on how your artist will charge you for the work.

  3. Assess the pain. Getting a tattoo hurts, y’all. If you’ve got a problem with needles, talk to your artist beforehand — you might want to stick with henna.

5 Spots to Get Your Ink on in Myrtle Beach

1. Elite Ink Tattoos of Myrtle Beach

The artists here are fantastic, professional, and good conversationalists (that matters!) They’ll amaze you how much they can do in a session, and how good it looks. One visit and this’ll be your go-to parlor.


You should know …

Elite has more than 1,500 five-star reviews and more than 30 “Best of the Beach” awards.



2. Premier Tattoo Myrtle Beach

With amazing artists and fair pricing, it’s no surprise Premier comes recommended. It’s quick and easy, especially for the first timer. They’re professional and will ensure you feel comfortable with your experience.


You should know …

You can call or send a message on Facebook to schedule a session.




3. Aces High Tattoo

The artists at Aces High will listen to you and deliver the experience you’re after. They’re clean and kind, and emphasize the best in service. They have great prices, and you’ll learn all about how to care for your skin afterward.


You should know …

Check out bios and portfolios for all Aces High artists online.



4. Ink Wave Tattoos Inc.

Walk right in, share what you want, and get in the chair to work with an artist you’ll love. Their professionals will be up-front about it all, and ensure you’re comfortable with it. Pricing is right on point.


You should know …

Ink Wave also specializes in body piercing and modification.



tattoo artist

5. Fantasy Ink, Myrtle Beach

This is a cool place, where awesome work happens every day. They do excellent linework if that’s what you need, and have artists with light hands. You’ll come away with a tattoo you love.


You should know …

Walk-ins are welcome, but they ask that you make reservations for larger custom art. They have thousands of templates to peruse, too.



Sandal's Cafe Breakfast Buffet

For a Nice Stay at a Clean Resort, the Choice Is Paradise

Come home to an oceanfront condo with a great view after you get your ink. Courteous staff will ensure a pleasant stay, and you’ll love the on-site breakfast. Check out room types and dates so you can plan your tattoo getaway today.



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