Best Spots for Margaritas in Myrtle Beach

What is it about warm weather that makes us go margarita crazy? Is it the refreshingly tart citrus flavors? That salted rim harkening to the ocean and its sea air? The festive, celebratory feeling that drinking one inspires?


Like many other classic cocktails, margaritas are having a moment. Beverage directors and libation specialists (they’re not bartenders anymore, mind you) have gotten creative, using specialty tequilas, agave syrups and homemade infusions and add-ins to elevate the old standby to new levels of boutique craftiness. These concoctions are a fun way to experiment with new flavors, but sometimes the simple elements of lime, sugar, tequila and salt are all we need — and want — in a margarita.


We’ve got some great spots near Paradise Resort where you can imbibe in this Mexican favorite — both fancy and familiar, but all fantastic.

Señor Frogs

Located at Broadway at The Beach, Señor Frogs is all about having a good time. Their margaritas come in various flavors, from the classic lime to fruity twists. The music is upbeat, and the atmosphere is always lively, making Señor Frogs a great spot for a laid-back margarita experience.

Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant

If you’re into the real taste of Mexico, head over to Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant. They take their margaritas seriously, using top-notch tequila and fresh ingredients. Whether you like it blended or on the rocks, Abuelo’s serves up margaritas that are both delicious and true to tradition.

Nacho Hippo

Margarita cocktail with ice, lime and salt rim on a black slate board

Nacho Hippo is not just about nachos; it’s also a hub for creative margaritas. Try something new, like a jalapeño-infused margarita or one with tropical fruit flavors. The colorful setting and diverse menu make Nacho Hippo a fun place to explore different margarita styles.

Banditos Cantina

For a view with your drink, check out Banditos Cantina. Their rooftop setting offers ocean views to enjoy while sipping on your margarita. With a mix of classic and innovative options, Banditos Cantina is a top pick for a chill margarita experience.

Myrtle Beach isn’t just for sunbathing; it’s also a fantastic place to discover some seriously good margaritas. From beachside parties to rooftop retreats, these spots offer the perfect mix of relaxation and flavor. The next time you’re in Myrtle Beach, make sure to check out these places for a sip of the good life. Cheers to margaritas, ocean vibes, and the easygoing spirit of Myrtle Beach!

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