Break Away and Take on These Myrtle Beach Escape Rooms

The term escape room implies you want to get away. But those who’ve played before know that once you solve one, you look forward to the next! Now, you can add this popular pastime to your vacation itinerary in Myrtle Beach.


We’ve rounded up five awesome ones to check out on your next vacation. Do you have what it takes to get through it?

Riddles Escape Room

Get out of your comfort zone, find clues and hidden objects, solve riddles, and make sure your group escapes in time! At Riddles Escape Room, choose your theme and do your clever sleuthing. They offer a variety of challenges suitable for the whole family.


The challenges are live-action, interactive, and non-frightening adventures. If you’re coming as a group or have questions, call or text (843) 213-1586.

Myrtle Beach Room Escape

Put your family and friends to the ultimate test of cleverness and resourcefulness. Myrtle Beach Escape Room can accommodate 10 people in a group, so take on the challenge together. Couples love this place to solve riddles and clues as a team.


If your party is less than 10, you might need to include other guests in your escape room. This place offers mini experiences at a discounted price with less time to solve the puzzle, too.

escape room clues

Escapology Escape Rooms

Seize the day, solve the puzzle, and proclaim yourself the ultimate escapologist. Escapology Escape Rooms offers five games for 2-8 players, in a clean, fun environment. It’s perfect for a rainy or steamy day at the beach — come inside for cool fun.


Need a hint? Ask your designated game master. Before you play, check out tips on the escape room website.

Captive Escape Rooms

If this is your first escape room, do yourself a favor and visit this place. Captive Escape Rooms will challenge you without being impossible. The stories are fun, and the employees are fantastic and encouraging.


All games here are now private, and none include jump scares or live actors in rooms. It’s suitable for players 13 and older, and those 16 and younger must be with an adult.

Backstage Escape Room Games

At first glance, it appears like any other challenging, creative escape room. Backstage Escape Room Games is different, a sophisticated, well-planned adventure. The experience is different here, and seasoned players will appreciate the details.


There’s a theatrical element here, with intense sound and lighting effects and props. It’s sure to be the highlight of your beach getaway.

Paradise Lazy River

Live Large at Paradise Resort

Your trip to Myrtle Beach needs a comfortable, fun place to stay. Paradise Resort fits the bill, with dining options for every meal (and dessert!) right on-site. And there’s always a great deal that will save you money on your stay.


Golfers: Did you know Paradise Resort offers stay-and-play packages too? Pick your dates, claim your room, and pack your bags today for Myrtle Beach.

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