Commemoration Cupcakes: Best Places in Myrtle Beach

For a departure from birthday cake, how about cupcakes? Sure, it’s the same basic premise, but the world of possibilities is endless. Plus, cupcakes allow you to enjoy more than one.


There are places in Myrtle Beach that have perfected them.


If you’re on the Grand Strand to celebrate your special day, try one of these places. Mix and match, sample what others pick, or trust in your favorite. Did you know there’s actually a right way to enjoy a cupcake, though?

How to Eat a Cupcake

How did we carry on so long without knowing this? If you’ve had cupcake frosting up your nose before (don’t lie!), this list is for you. Prepare to have your mind blown.

  1. Remove wrapper. This is basic but crucial for the best taste.
  2. Cut off the top. Pull it with your fingers or remove it with a knife. Steady … hold your breath if necessary.
  3. Put the bottom on top. What? Yes. Turn it upside down and push it down on the frosting. It should look like a delicious sandwich.
  4. Enjoy! People will stop staring. They’re going to try it on their next cupcake.

Enjoy a Birthday Cupcakes at These Spots in Myrtle Beach

Giants or minis? Traditional toppings or exotic? The choice is yours.

1. Croissants Bistro and Bakery

This favorite for comfort food and breakfast serves daily-baked bread, cakes, and pastries. Croissants Bistro and Bakery is also great for a late lunch. 


Cupcake of choice: Vanilla. Although carrot, chocolate, and red velvet are alluring, the vanilla delivers classic flavor.


What else is good: The Classic Mimosa and Cinnamon Buns are fantastic. Order Avocado Toast for breakfast and try the Some Kind of Wonderful Smoothie. (It has peanut butter, banana, Nutella, coffee, and cream.)

2. You Eat I Bake - Gluten-Free Bakery

Find vegan and gluten-free fare here, with tons of taste! You Eat I Bake – Gluten-Free Bakery specializes in allergy-conscious baking.


Cupcake of choice: Cocoa Velvet. This vegan treat contains no food coloring. Note: The menu changes often; treats vary from day to day.


What else is good: The brownies, keto cookies, and muffins are big hits here. Also, look out for cake pudding cups, cobbler cups, and whoopie pies.


3. Pink Pineapple Cakes

You’re in for an excellent experience at Pink Pineapple Cakes. They make custom cakes for birthdays and other special occasions.


Cupcake of choice: Chef Choice of the Day. Get a dozen, but call with 72 hours notice for your order. Add chocolate seashells for a special touch.


What else is good: They make signature cakes, and wedding and anniversary cakes. Try a DYI Cookie Decorating Kit or think ahead for your fall cake needs.

4. Coccadotts Cake Shop

Grab an assortment of cupcakes, and try to decide which is your favorite. It’s a beautiful problem to have! You’ll love Coccodotts Cake Shop for a sweet treat.


Cupcake of choice: Assorted Gourmet Mini Cupcakes. You’ll have to check the cupcakes of the day, but this dozen gives you tons of delicious choices.


What else is good: Cake Batter, Chocolate Strawberry, and Red Velvet are favorites. So too are the Assorted Macarons and Black N White Cookies.


5. Airels Sweets & Treats

You’ll get great customer service at Airels Sweets & Treats, from ordering to delivery. Taste the love and dedication in every goodie.


Cupcake of choice: Strawberry Buttercream. These yellow cupcakes have fresh organic strawberries, topped with whipped strawberry buttercream.


What else is good: Airels offers a special birthday cake package. You get a three-tier custom cake, 24 cupcakes, 24 drizzled pretzel sticks, or 24 cookies of your choice.

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