Grab Your Friends and Get to These Myrtle Beach Dive Bars

These places rock like an earthquake.


The Myrtle Beach dive-bar scene is alive and well. Cold beer, good times, great music, and food. Sometimes, good food. 


A good dive bar feels like home, no matter how old you are. Here are five to check out on the Grand Strand.

Fun Facts About Dive Bars

There’s a definite allure to these kinds of places. Those who don’t understand them might consider them seedy. Those who know, know it’s a good-natured riot of a good time.

  • Someone there has had some hunting action at some point. You’ll see it in the taxidermy. Boar’s heads, deer, jackalopes … all fair game to adorn the walls in a dive bar.
  • They weren’t always the kind of place you’d bring your girlfriend. The Oxford English Dictionary described dive bars as “drinking dens.” Also, “other disreputable places of resort.” 
  • They’re great at lifting spirits …with more than spirits. They’re spots you feel you belong, especially for those who live away from their native cities. It’s where everyone knows your name.

Come for a Good Time at These Myrtle Beach Dive Bars

No more than one per evening, but who are we to judge? Get on out for a good time.

1. The Tavrne

It’s a slice of Americana, a place you’ll love hitting with your buddies. You’re in for a great time and awesome wings. All the food’s pretty good. That doesn’t always happen in a dive bar, but it does, at The Tavrne.

531 Broadway Street | (843) 839-9799


PRO TIP: Get a cheesesteak and your favorite beverage and have some fun.

2. Jake's Dive Bar

You don’t have to be brave to hit a dive bar with “dive bar” in the name, just cool. It’s an amazing place with awesome people, a spot to chill without drama. This neighborhood bar has a definite “Cheers” vibe to it.

4476 Socastee Boulevard


PRO TIP: These bartenders are some of the best around. Strike up a conversation and set yourself up for next time.

dive bar scene

3. Pop's Place

Oh, the agony of a dive bar that doesn’t also serve awesome food, right? Pop’s Place isn’t such a dive. It’s also the spot for karaoke, with a good variety of singers. You’re in the heart of old Myrtle Beach, so you’re in a good spot.

511 South Kings Highway | (​​843) 448-6033


 PRO TIP: This place is famous for inexpensive drinks. If your budget has taken a hit, pop it out at Pop’s Place.

4. Jimmagan's

This joint has a great balance of good folks and good times. You’re going to love the daily specials at Jimmagan’s, considered by many the best place in town. It’s now non-smoking but with all the rollicking characters as always.

6003 North Kings Highway | (843) 497-5450

PRO TIP: Come for game day. Any game day. Their aim is to become THE place to watch any big game. They’ve been at it for more than 20 years.

5. Drifters Saloon

In the course of your vacation, it’s nice to find a place that feels like home. Drifters Saloon fits the bill. The bar staff will take care of you with warm, attentive service. You’ll want to stop in every time you’re in town.

2905 North Kings Highway |  (843) 626-4464


PRO TIP: If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan, and are on the Grand Strand on game day, you’ll find fellow fans here.

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