Heads Up: Myrtle Beach’s Top 5 Calabash Seafood Restaurants

It’s not easy to pin down the best of anything in Myrtle Beach. Least of all Calabash seafood restaurants! There are plenty, and so many bring it when it comes to excellence.


The good news is, no matter where you are on the Grand Strand, there’s great Calabash seafood close by.


It’s no wonder Myrtle Beach has become a foodie destination, too. So have your fun in the sun. When it’s time to eat, do it right!

What Is Calabash Seafood?

The name comes from the hamlet of Calabash, N.C., a short jaunt north of Myrtle Beach. It’s the light battering (often seasoned) of seafood, and frying to a golden brown. And hushpuppies are a BIG part of the allure, too.

Hit These Calabash Restaurants First When You’re in Myrtle Beach

1. The Original Benjamin's Calabash Seafood

The ambiance is key for calabash. The Original Benjamins delivers, with food stations and mounted sharks above the food. It has eleven dining rooms and a master model ship collection for your enjoyment! This is one of the Grand Strand’s most beautiful buffets of any cuisine, with stellar service to boot.


One Cool Thing


The Original Benjamin’s is a Grand Strand landmark, the first calabash restaurant of its kind in town.




2. Captain Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood Buffet

It’s a great spot to walk for dinner after a day at Family Kingdom Amusement Park. Captain Benjamin’s Calabash also delivers a nautical vibe. We dare you to stay away after you’ve experienced it once. If you’re craving crab legs especially, this is the place for you.


One Cool Thing


Captain Benjamin’s blog contains tons of delicious recipes so you can get your seafood fix at home, too.




3. Bennett's Calabash

This bustling establishment also brings a seafaring atmosphere to buffet and menu dining. You’ll find all types of fresh seafood, ready to go on your plate! Bennett’s has steak and prime rib on the buffet, and three locations on the Grand Strand.


One Cool Thing


Bennett’s offers coupons on its website.




4. Hooks Calabash Seafood

If you’re in a spot hoping to get Calabash seafood and you don’t see a nautical theme, you’re doing it wrong! Guests rave about the crab legs and servers who will try and fill your special requests with the kitchen. Also, the seasonings Hooks uses get high marks.


One Cool Thing


Homemade soups and desserts are part of the buffet.


(843) 626-6889

crab legs

5. Seafood World Calabash Seafood And Steak Buffet

You’ll find a clean, friendly place to dine that keeps the food fresh on the buffet. The salad bar is excellent, too, and you’ll want to bring friends and family for your next visit. Seafood World offers steaks on its buffet with a special blend of seasoning.


One Cool Thing


Read the story of The Little Princess and the Crab on the website.



salad bar
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