How to Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Myrtle Beach

Craving a bit of adventure this spring?

Myrtle Beach has what you need. Whether your idea of outdoor adventure is a challenging hike or a beach walk, we’ve got you covered in this post. We’ll highlight a few of the fun outdoor activities available, and suggest spots to check into them.

Why Get Outdoors?

Those who have felt better after a bike ride or rock climb know this: Getting out in nature boosts happiness. As little as 20 minutes out of the house can improve life satisfaction by 64%, a recent study revealed. It also can lower blood pressure and improve sleep, other studies show.

kayaking on the marsh at sunrise

Outdoors Adventures in Myrtle Beach


Take a scenic view of the Grand Strand aboard a bike — it’s low-impact and aerobic and allows you to vary the intensity. From kids with training wheels to seniors on 10-speeds, it’s outdoor fun many can enjoy.

Where to Bike:

  • Waccamaw Neck Bikeway — Take this one-way, paved ride from Pawleys Island to Garden City. You can ride or walk to Murrells Inlet from there.
  • Market Common — Try an outdoors excursion without the wilderness. Grand Park has a 2-mile loop around a lake, with picnic shelters and playgrounds.

Beach Walking

Kick your shoes off. Although not as intense as hiking or biking, beach walking has health benefits. Sand provides resistance to strengthen your ankles, arches, and leg muscles. Sinking and lifting your feet out of sand makes your muscles work harder.

Where to Beach Walk:

  • Cabana District — Head north for a stretch from 79th to 82nd avenues north. You’ll know it by the colorful cabanas along the shore and it’s best to visit at low tide.
  • The Golden Mile — Walk this 2-mile stretch of beach from 34th to 52nd avenues north, to see incredible oceanfront mansions. There’s much less foot traffic than in other areas.


Adrenaline-pumping parasailing could win many popularity contests in Myrtle Beach. You’re flying over the ocean with unique views you can’t get anywhere else. It’s time to take flight.

Where to Parasail:

  • Downwind Sails — Catch scenery and views of Myrtle Beach wildlife from high above the waves. It’s a highly-recommended experience with a highly recommended outfit.
  • Ocean Watersports — The most experienced crew on the East Coast is ready to take you out on the waves. Press start after a long quarantine with Ocean Watersports.


You can’t beat the view on a good hike as you take in the fresh air and the sights and sounds of nature. Hiking helps regular blood sugar and, as a weight-bearing activity, improves bone density. You can also build stronger glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and hip muscles.

Where to Hike:

Jet Skiing

Water skiing takes time and patience. You can hop on a jet ski and, in short order, master it enough to have a blast. And jet skiing can boost your balance and coordination.

Where to Jet Ski:

  • Myrtle Beach Watersports — They’ve been around 25 years, serving three Grand Strand locations. Come learn from amazing instructors and have a blast on the waves.
  • Island Adventure Watersports — You can even take a jet ski tour with Island Adventure Watersports. Cruise Intercoastal Waterway into the Waccamaw Preserve.

Helicopter Rides

Gain a whole new perspective of your favorite vacation destination. A scenic flight will show you the astounding landscape as you’ve never seen and take photos you don’t often get to take. Helicopters can fly lower than other aircraft, giving you another way to see the Grand Strand.

Where to Take A Helicopter Ride:

  • Helicopter Adventures — Across the street from Broadway at the Beach. This agency takes passengers on Robinson R44 helicopters for tours of 20-42 minutes.
  • Oceanfront Helicopters — Take a $20 tour with uncommon views. They offer themed tours such as nature lovers, thrill-seekers, and urban explorers.

Kayaking and Padddleboarding

Want to sit and row or stand and paddle? Myrtle Beach has outfits to meet your needs. Standup paddleboards are gaining in popularity, but the kayak is a classic craft in its own right.

Where to Kayak and Paddleboard:

kayaking on the marsh at sunrise

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