How to pack like a champ for a Myrtle Beach visit this fall

Fall trips to Myrtle Beach are a thing.

And in lots of ways, they’re not too different from jaunts to Myrtle Beach in summer or spring. In other fundamental ways, they’re very different, so there’s a good balance.

All you need to do is remember that you’re still going to a sunny, sandy destination when you make your move to Myrtle Beach after Labor Day. But you should also make sure you’re warm and covered, too.

In this post, we’ll go over all the essentials. Myrtle Beach is a wonderful destination in cooler months because, well, it’s not horribly cool. Just cool enough! There’s something to be said for coming off-season, with smaller crowds, plenty of sunshine, resorts with indoor pools and hot tubs, and still lots of fun in the sun.

Why is fall a great time to visit Myrtle Beach?

Hotel rates are generally a bit lower in autumn in Myrtle Beach. You’ll still get plenty of days in the high 70s, with lows just in the mid-40s. Rates drop a bit more in winter, and there are fewer visitors – many attractions are still open year-round, however. There are also a handful of fall festivals to look into.

Perfect things to bring to the beach this fall

Bathing suit

Lots of the same styles that have been hot in 2020 won’t change for a fall trip to Myrtle Beach. Did you know some swimwear offers UV protection? It’s called multi-tasking swimwear, and it’s got a great look, too. Expect ruffles to still be in vogue this autumn, as well as modern prints. As with any season, minimalist swimwear is hot, if that’s your thing!


Fall in Myrtle Beach can get a bit breezy. Bring a quality umbrella to keep the sun off you on the beach. Tommy Bahama makes a chic beach umbrella with a sand auger. It anchors the umbrella to the ground to minimalize the threat of runaway umbrella. It’s a 7-foot design that tilts to adjust to the sun, with a vent on top to accommodate those big breezes.


Just because the sun isn’t sizzling in Myrtle Beach, it doesn’t mean you can forget protection. You can get a great sunscreen at your corner drugstore. Neutrogena makes a creamy, non-sticky SPF 30 sunscreen that goes on smooth and sinks right in. It’ll protect from UVA and UVB rays, and keep your skin free of sunburn and the health hazards that come from exposure.

Buckets and shovels

Kids – and parents, if we’re honest – can’t resist the urge to build a sandcastle and other fun things in the sand at Myrtle Beach. A basic set is sufficient, but there are some sweet new ones out there, too. B. Toys makes a cool combination with a monster and mini dump truck, tools for digging and sifting, sand molds, and an easy-to-carry bucket.


The biggest item in most beach bags, the towel has to justify the space! Don’t pick a thin model that won’t hold up well on the Myrtle Beach sand. WildHorn Outfitters makes a splendid quick-dry, ultra-absorbent, ultra-compact, extra-large towel, perfect for the resort or the shore. It comes in 11 eye-catching designs so everyone in the family can express themselves, too.


For breezy days and chilly nights, nothing beats a comfy warm hoodie when you visit Myrtle Beach. Any pullover will do, but we found a warm, stylish offering from Joe’s USA that would be perfect for the fall trip. This company has a great selection, but we loved the Koloa surf tie-dye hoodie, which comes in 9 colors. It’s soft, comfy, and pill-resistant, too.


Hit any area surf shop in Myrtle Beach for a decent pair of shades. If you want to go upper-level, try the Ray-Ban Clubmaster square sunglasses. They’re trendy, well-constructed, and offer dependable sun protection. They come in various colors and shapes, with that famous Ray-Ban look. You don’t have to be a star to wear them, but you’ll look like one.

Ready to roll to Myrtle Beach?

Fall is a fantastic time to hit the beach. Be sure you’re protected, with sunglasses, sunscreen, and a good umbrella. Bring fun things, too, for sand-play. And don’t forget that you’ll need a bit of protection from the mild-yet-coolish temperatures in Myrtle Beach this time of year. Pack smartly and you’ll make lots of memories on your late-season beach trip.

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