How to Rock a Night Out at The Market Common

Date night or any night, try Market Common for the complete evening. With shops, restaurants, and entertainment in one site, it’s a snap to spend a day here. Plus, an opportunity to get some steps in or other quality time in a relaxed but lively environment.


The Market Common has some of the best places for an evening out.


We’ve picked some of our favorites for your next night out in Myrtle Beach. Imagine all the possibilities though, with this awesome lineup of shops and restaurants. Date night will never be the same.

Why Take a Night Out with Your Partner?

The daily grind can take a toll on you, and leave you little energy to devote to a partnership. Chill time is often a great way to replenish your souls together. A night out is something to look forward to, and you might even meet new friends or discover things to do. 

Head to Market Common for a Night Out

Not your typical beer specials, not your typical pub food. Start your evening out with drink specials, such as a shot of Porch Swing bourbon. Select pints and Sangria are also on special. Share Boom Boom Shrimp or Koren BBQ Pork Sliders and fries. 


Treat yourselves to modern American-Italian fare that you won’t soon forget. Travinia’s creative, diverse menu includes gluten-free options. Select wines pair with Seared Bluefin Tuna and Piccata-Style Chicken. Dine in elegant comfort at Travinia.


This place is far out, man. The magic here starts with a plain cake donut, elevated to funkadelic extremes. Boston Cream, Robert Brule, and Apple Pie. Heath Wind and Fire, Peanut Nutter, and Shaka Pecan. Raspberry, Lemon, and Mocha. You can’t go wrong with these donuts.


Unwind with a little 10-pin bowling and cocktails. Challenge your partner to a chess duel over glasses of wine. Or take a shot at a winning score with glow-in-the-dark mini-golf. Play ping pong or shoot pool. And if you get the munchies, 810 has wings, tenders, and lots more, too.

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Choose Paradise Resort When You Come to Myrtle Beach

For an enjoyable stay after your night out at The Market Common, come to Paradise Resort. You can’t beat the spectacular view and awesome value. You’ll find well-appointed rooms and nice amenities on the property. Brittain Resort perks also come in handy when you’re planning your days. Check out videos of the Paradise Resort experience, and book your stay today.