Oceanfront Dining Near Myrtle Beach’s Paradise Resort

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Myrtle Beach is a top vacation destination for countless reasons. Grand Strand visitors are fortunate to be surrounded by some of the greatest natural beauty along the eastern coastline; the area’s shopping possibilities are endless; its array of restaurants exceeds all expectations; and, of course, the beach and the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean are at the doorstep.

As a visitor, you want to take full advantage of all that Myrtle Beach has to offer during your stay at Paradise Resort. Here, we’ve put together a short list of the area’s top waterfront dining restaurants, where you can rest assured that not only your taste buds will be happy, but so will your soul.

Less than a mile south of your home at Paradise Resort, you will find Damon’s Grill. Located at 2985 South Ocean Boulevard, this famous-for-ribs restaurant boasts one of the most expansive views of any eatery along the Grand Strand. Damon’s serves lunch daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and dinner nightly. They offer indoor dining with a view of the blue Atlantic from every seat, as well as an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy not only the views but also the ocean breezes, in addition to regular live entertainment. The wide-ranging menu at Damon’s Grill will tempt even the most finicky eaters in your group with its American fare. The management and staff are determined to make your visit a memorable one, so if there is anything they can do to assist with special needs, they are happy to accommodate.

Next on our list of dining on the great Atlantic is Bummz Beach Café. Located on Ocean Boulevard about 3 miles north of paradise Resort, this restaurant used to be a local secret, but that secret is out. A converted beach cottage, Bummz will make you feel right at home the moment you walk in. Upon entry, you will first notice the fireplace and bar, which contribute to an unmatched atmosphere that is quaint, relaxing and welcoming.

You have several choices of dining locations at Bummz. If you prefer a view without the beach heat, this is definitely an option for your party, since even the indoor seating area has a view of the ocean. However, if you prefer a livelier area with alfresco oceanfront views, then venture through the restaurant and out its back door. This will lead you to the back porch and the beachfront backyard. These areas will give you unobstructed views of the beautiful, white-sand beach, as well as treat you to ocean breezes with your meal. The backyard also features an outdoor bar area and live music on an outdoor stage, which makes the evenings a bit more lively. Your food choices range from burgers to seafood and steaks. Once you visit Bummz, it will become a favorite, and you will be back. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

From here, let’s head a little less than a mile north to the Sea Captain’s House. Located at 30th Avenue and North Ocean Boulevard, this old sea cottage turned into a haven for oceanfront dining is a local favorite. The Sea Captain’s House is no secret, so be prepared to go early or enjoy a cocktail while you wait to be seated. You can even enjoy that cocktail on the restaurant’s old wooden swing overlooking the ocean.

This eatery has proudly won more awards than any other restaurant in town, and Southern Living Magazine voted it the city’s best seafood restaurant for four years in a row. This is no small feat, especially when you consider the many fine restaurants vying for the title. Here, you will find true Southern hospitality as well as charming décor. You will feel as though you are visiting an old friend’s beach cottage while enjoying the stunning views and some of the most scrumptious seafood you will find in the area.

These are certainly not your only waterfront dining options on our area’s gorgeous coastline, but they are undoubtedly among our favorite and some of best. These restaurants are where locals take their families to dine and where you will always find a beautiful view, an exceptional atmosphere and a delicious meal. If you would like any additional restaurant suggestions while here in Myrtle Beach, the friendly staff here at the Paradise Resort is always happy to help.