Pack These Items for Your Long Bay Visit

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When getting ready for your escape to Long Bay Resort, things may get hectic when trying to get those last-minute items packed. Check out this list of common “don’t forget” items that could come in handy during your Myrtle Beach vacation.

Blanket, Bear or Binkie: Whatever the name of that special item that helps you and/or your kids sleep best, don’t forget it. You may have a soft blanket that you cover up with each night, or your little one may need that stuffed critter to snuggle. It won’t be hard to fall asleep after the adventures you find during the day, but having your comforts can help relax you into a peaceful sleep.

Camera: Your Long Bay vacation will be filled with memorable moments — don’t forget your camera so you can capture them. Having that camera on hand will help ensure you get pictures so the memories will never fade. Whether you post your photos online, print them out or save them on a cd, you’ll want to hold onto these recollections.

Binoculars: Looking off your balcony at sunrise, you may see something breaking through the tidal waters of the Atlantic. Grab those binoculars and look out to discover it’s a pod of dolphins swimming down the coast. As you walk through some of the local parks’ manicured gardens, you may catch glimpses of rare bird and butterfly species. With your binoculars, you can get a closer look at the beauty Myrtle Beach offers.

Sunglasses: Shielding those baby blues from the glare coming off the water is essential. Grab the cheap ones off the rack, that way it’s no big loss if they are left on the shore or crushed under a bucket of sand. Bring a fashionable pair to wear as you lay under your umbrella while you read the latest who-done-it novel. If you think a pair of polarized lenses will help you see through the water as you fish the inlets, take them. A trip to the coast is always enhanced through the view of your favorite sunglasses.

Extra Car Keys: Keeping an extra set of car keys in a safe, accessible place will help alleviate the stress of losing your keys, then not being able to find them, when you must be at the dinner show by 4. That set of spare keys could save a little bit of time and a lot of sanity.  

While the list of possibilities for the packing list is never-ending, we highly suggest that you leave some things behind. Don’t bring stress and worry, because they will soon fade as you enjoy all the amenities and scenic views of Myrtle Beach that Long Bay Resort has to offer.