Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Myrtle Beach in the Fall and Winter

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There was a time when Myrtle Beach was strictly a summer destination. In fact, the locals used to joke that the city rolled up the sidewalks after Labor Day weekend and put them back down the next year in time for Memorial Day weekend, but those days have long since changed. Today, Myrtle Beach is a year-round hot spot.

Unlike our neighbors to the north, it doesn't get too cold to enjoy the great things the Grand Strand has to offer. And unlike other tourism destinations to the south, Myrtle Beach doesn't get overrun by tourists looking for summer in the dead of winter. Instead we get to experience all four seasons, only a bit milder.

Many have discovered the magic of visiting Myrtle Beach in the offseason and the secret is getting out. Folks in need of a fall or winter break are discovering the year-round wonders of the Grand Strand, from great shopping and dining to fun festivals and entertainment. Best of all, you can find great deals and specials on accommodations at Compass Cove Resort for the perfect snowbird nest for your offseason retreat.

Here are the five most frequently asked questions about Myrtle Beach in the fall and winter, and the straight answers:

* Why is it cheaper to vacation in Myrtle Beach in the fall and winter?

It's a simple matter of supply and demand. Myrtle Beach is built to host up to a half-million visitors in the hectic summer season, which leaves a lot of empty hotel rooms, restaurants and stores in the offseason. To attract more visitors in the fall and winter, local businesses offer discounts to make it more affordable for a family, couple or groups to escape the snow and cold and unwind with a trip to the beach.

* How cold does it get in Myrtle Beach in the fall and winter?

Glad you asked. The best word to describe Myrtle Beach's offseason climate is “mild”, with comfortable temperatures and low precipitation the general rule of thumb. In fact, the average high temperature in October is a cozy 75 degrees, and November (69 degrees), December (60 degrees) and February (61) all have average highs in the 60s. It can get chilly at night, with the average lows in October (54 degrees) and November (45) offering cool autumn nights. The average lows are in the high 30s December through February. Best of all, Myrtle Beach averages less than 4 inches of precipitation in the fall and winter months so you are less likely to see rain, much less snow. In the past 20 years, Myrtle Beach has seen only a handful of significant snowfalls.

* Is anything still open in Myrtle Beach in the fall and winter?

Just because it might be too cold to go parasailing doesn't mean you can't experience some serious thrills and chills in Myrtle Beach during the offseason. Although some attractions, such as waterparks and amusement parks, might shut down for the fall and winter, the Grand Strand still has plenty to do and see. Catch great live entertainment at local theaters and fall festivals, take advantage of light crowds to go on a holiday shopping spree, and walk into any restaurant in town with no waiting.

* So what can you do outdoors in Myrtle Beach in the offseason?

One of the main attractions to Myrtle Beach in the offseason is golf. Featuring more than 80 golf courses within a 60-mile radius of the Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach gives golfers the chance to use their clubs and test their skills on some of the top layouts in the Southeast in the fall and winter. In the early autumn, fishing is also at its peak. Charter boats sail out to the Gulf Stream to go sport fishing, deep-sea fishing, and even dolphin-watching tours. Sports like running, paddleboarding and hunting are also popular pastimes on the Grand Strand on the offseason.

* Why stay at Compass Cove Resort?

That one is easy. In addition to the outstanding accommodations on the oceanfront and the convenient downtown location, Compass Cove also offers excellent amenities like an indoor pool, lazy river, hot tubs and kiddie pools. It may be cold outside but it's always a good time to take a dip at Compass Cove. Guests can also work up a sweat at the on-site fitness center, watch unlimited and free DVD rentals to snuggle up in the room and enjoy a movie night, and visit the game room and gift shop without leaving the property.

Offering savings up to 35 percent off during the offseason, as well as free nights for multi-day stays, Compass Cove Resort invites you to discover all the great things Myrtle Beach has to offer in the fall and winter. Book your Myrtle Beach vacation today and escape the snow and ice for some sun and fun on the Grand Strand.


(Posted: 10/6/15)