Top Things You Forget to do Before Leaving for Vacation

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Counting down the days till your Myrtle Beach vacation can be exciting. You can get so carried away thinking about all the things you are going to do that you forget to do the things you need to do before you leave. Here's a short check list of things to do back at home to make sure you are ready for a worry-free Myrtle Beach:

House sitter: If you are fortunate enough to have good neighbors to look after the homestead while you are gone this one is easy. But if you have the smile-and-wave types you may need to do a little schmoozing before you pop the question. Take over a few homegrown tomatoes before you ask them to water them while you are out of town. Make sure it's someone you trust to gather your mail or pick up your newspaper, and be sure to exchange phone numbers.

Packing: You are standing over your empty suitcase trying to imagine what you will need for your Myrtle Beach vacation. Swimsuits, beach towels and flip-flops are easy choices, but you always manage to forget a few essentials. Among the most commonly left behind items are cellphone chargers, sunscreen, beach chairs, hotel directions and a big beach bag to help carry all these items. For rainy days, a deck of cards and board games are great for some family time. One more packing tip: Pack light. Sometimes less is more, and the beach is the perfect place to sport a lightweight T-shirt, shorts and sandals instead of a stunning wardrobe you probably won’t wear anyway.

Pets: Finding someone to take care of your pets while your gone is a tricky one. Pets are like members of the family, so it's not always as simple as asking the neighbor to take care of them. Preferably you can find a friend or relative who loves your pets as much as you do, so you know they are getting their daily dose of love as well as food and water. If you plan to put your pets in a kennel or boarding facility, book your reservations early so you don't have to worry about them while you are gone.

Planning: Yes, a big part of vacation is relaxation, and that means going with the flow rather than planning every detail of your trip. But a little bit of planning is important if you want to get the most out of your vacation time. If you plan to play golf, contact Bay View Resort's staff about tee times to any area course or package plans. If you want a little adventure, like a deep-sea fishing trip or a tour of the Grand Strand's many sites, go ahead and book it in advance. And if you want to celebrate a special occasion with dinner and a show, make those reservations and buy those tickets for a trouble-free date or gathering.

Shopping: Visitors love to go shopping at Myrtle Beach's many malls, outlets stores and retail centers, but you don't want to waste your precious vacation time running around the grocery store or discount store looking for the basics. Go ahead and buy the things you need for the beach ahead of time if available, and that includes groceries. Sure, you may have to pick up perishable goods like milk and eggs after you arrive, but things like snacks, breakfast bars and cereal, drinks and more can be purchased in advance and leave you with a short list once you get to Myrtle Beach.


(Posted: 7/20/15)